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Two thumbs up

Last night I went to The Listening Room Cafe. Some friends of mine, whom are in the music industry, had a showcase there.

There were 3 main female singer/songwriters performing. Two of them were local (Nashville) and the other, she was from the UK.

Her name is Jenny Bailey. She is from the band Vandeville Falls. The whole band was not with her, but, she did bring her guitar player, Rick to play along.

I was completely blown away by their voice, lyrics, sound…the whole package. They are amazing! When the showcase had ended, I chatted with them a bit and expressed how great they were and really enjoyed listening to them. And with that, they gave me a cd. They loved playing in Nashville and hope to come back again. I hope they do…I will be there!

Here is one of their songs, which might just be my favorite right now. Listen. Enjoy. Go out and get their cd.

They are on Twitter: @vandevillefalls, as well as Facebook.


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