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Books on my nightstand

Growing up, I wasn’t so much into reading. My mind wanders and I don’t focus on the content of the book, which was bad of course, because that just left me to fail a lot of tests. And do horrible on book reports.

Now that I am older and a mom, reading has become relaxing, a stress reliever for me.

I can’t just sit down and start reading any book.

I like books that challenge me.

Change me.

Teaches me.

Starting this month, I’m reading two books. One is for my Women’s Bible Study group at church. We will start reading Beth Moore’s book; So, Long Insecurity

The second book that I’ll be reading is through an online community named (in)courage . The book they have chosen is Ann Voskamp’s; One Thousand Gifts.

Both of these books are going to be inspiring, life-changing and open-hearted.

I’ll be happy to share with you my thoughts and how encouraging these books will be to me.

Stay tuned….

So, what books are you reading these days?



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Gettin’ my bloggin’ on

This week in Nashville, the Opryland Hotel has held the Blissdom conference. I was able to go last-minute because of my Twitter friend @anne54304, she could not make it down to Nashville and offered her ticket FREE to the first person to respond. So, I was the first person! However, due to the last-minute of me being able to go, the husband was not able to take off work to stay with the kids while I went to the workshops. Friends did offer to help watch the kids, but, I felt guilty transporting them from one place to another all day.

As I am bummed about not attending the workshops throughout the day, I am able to attend all the nightly activities, which has been more fun than I expected it to be! I have made new friends, met friends that I follow on Twitter and meeting the friends that inspire me through their blog.

This conference has really encouraged me to be consistent with my blogging, directed me on what kind of Blogger I would like to become and has shown me that I CAN do it while balancing the loads of 4 kids, housewife duties and daily unexpected occurences!

Next year I will make sure I attend Blissdom each day, every day and learn more about the realms of being a “mommy blogger”.


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In The Land Of Make-Believe


I did it again.

I forgot.

I failed as a parent.

The Tooth Fairy did not show up.

Yesterday, the Princess got her tooth knocked out in gym class. So, last night she put it under her pillow. Usually, when we put the kids to bed, and if a tooth is in need to be put under the pillow, I make sure that my child has it properly placed to where she, the Tooth Fairy can reach it. But, I forgot. Completely slipped my mind.

So, this morning, here’s how the conversation went:

Princess: “Mom, the tooth fairy did not take my tooth last night. I had it under my pillow and it was still there this morning.”

Jester 1: “Yeah, remember she forgot to come a couple of weeks ago when I lost my tooth to!”

Me: “I’m sorry. Maybe she broke a wing or had so many teeth to collect that she ran out of time.”

Princess: “It’s ok. I”ll write her a note and put it back under my pillow tonight.”

Finding excuses for the tooth fairy is hard! Part of me wants to keep that wishful, spirit of childhood memories alive for my kids, but, the other part of me is so tired and a bit annoyed that I have to keep up with all of the make-believe childhood fairies and other ever so gift giving “friends”.

Who came up with the Tooth Fairy anyways? How did this tradition come about? And let’s not forget about the Easter Bunny and the big guy, Santa Clause. I even have friends that have the Halloween Fairy, to where they have their child leave his/her bag of candy outside their door to exchange it for a gift.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all fun and exciting for the kids, I grew up with these traditions to. How my mom controlled the land of make-believe with 7 children amazes me. Surely, I can keep up with my 4, right?

I admit, I think my least favorite role as a parent is playing the Tooth Fairy. Maybe it’s because her job is always unexpected and she never has the right amount of money to exchange it for the tooth!

I’m curious. Intrigue me with these questions.

What is your least favorite make-believe role-playing as a parent? Do you carry out these traditions for your kids? Why or why not? What other “fairies” show up at your house?


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Friday Fun

Once in a while I post “activities” via Twitter (@kristinalevy) on what my boys (the 3 jesters) do so well. I call it That’s What Little Boys Are Made Of. I really should write a book on the events that occur with them, because, really its hilarious…most of the time.

 Pictured here are jesters 2 & 3; my twins. They are two peas in a pod, partners in crime. Let me share with you what these little boys are made of.

Breaking into their older sister’s room to steal her things.

Attacking our snowman with their lightsabers, because the snowman is a bad guy.

Coming out of the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper stuck in between their butt cheeks because they want to be bunny rabbits.

That is what my day has been thus this far.

To be continued…..


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Well, here we are. Another snow day. Day number 3 of the kids being home from school due to the increasing amount of snow and ice in Nashville. Having grown up in Michigan and Colorado, I cannot recall a snow day in all of my school years. Maybe because those states are properly prepared for such treacherous weather.

As a mom of 4, with 2 of my kids attending school full-time and the other 2 attend two days a week, I can sit here and grumble, complain and let my selfish ways get the best of me, because these snow days interfere with my time. But, I’m not. These are my kids. God’s gift to me. I am a full-time, stay at home mom to them. Now, trust me we all have our days of “my kids are driving me crazy!” And that is when I have to see the bigger picture of life.

Having lost many loved ones, more than I care to count, including my best friend when I was 11 years old to a drowning accident and my dad when I was 15. I think about how life is short and sweet, how we are just a vapor here on Earth, how time is precious with each waking moment, how we never know when our loved ones will be taken away from us. That is always in my mind, on my heart. With these past few days I’ve thought about how that sweet, innocent 9-year-old girl, Christina Green, her life ended so abruptly, so terribly.

With that, I am thankful for the snow days. The “extra” time that I’ve got to spend with my kids. Embrace your loved ones, every day, every minute, every second.

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