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The Beginning Reader’s Bible: Giveaway

I am super excited to be joining Tommy Nelson, reviewing their awesome products and giveaways here on my blog. So, much thanks for stopping by and checking out my first review for them!

I really like this version of a children’s Bible because it is an easy read for an early elementary aged child to read, easy to understand and follow along with the Old and New Testaments. My 10 year old and 6 year old were able to read the text with minimal problems. And my 5 year old twins enjoyed listening to the stories from this edition. The stories are more detailed and more expressive than other children’s Bibles I have seen.

The illustration in this Bible is so rich, and so detailed, the pictures go right along with each Bible story that is being told. My kids enjoyed looking at the pictures. They could point at the picture and recognize what was just mentioned in the text to match it up!

In the back of the Bible, they have provided sections where your child can date and mark off when they read a certain story from this Bible. They also have songs they can learn and a memory verse chart from the Old and New Testament.

Overall, this Beginning Reader’s Bible is a great selection for children 5-9 years old. Even if you have a child who is not reading yet, the stories do come alive and is still teachable to your child, so he/she can enjoy God’s Word!

If you would like The Beginning Reader’s Bible for your child, grandchild or give as a gift, leave me a comment about what your child’s favorite Bible story is or what Bible song that they like to sing. We like to sing, Zacchaeus the Wee Little Man. And that song is in this children’s Bible!

Again, to receive this special Bible, tell me your child’s favorite Bible story or favorite Bible song. This giveaway will end on Tuesday March 2 at 11:59 p.m CST.

Please leave your comment on my blog only.


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What’s In Your Bible?

There are five keepsakes,papers,letters,nostalgia that I keep in my Bible. I guess I keep them in my Bible, because there they are safe, for me  to remember, to keep them closer to my heart, to keep me connected. Reminders of how life is so precious and how we are only a vapor.

The first letter is in an envelope. Given to me from my dad, a few months before his passing when I was 15. The letter was enclosed in a Bible that he had given to me. So, of course, I cherish this letter to the depths of my heart and soul.

I have an article from the local paper when we lived in MI. It’s a letter to the editor that my mom had written after my brother was involved in a serious drinking and driving accident. I was 8 years old. I can still hear the phone ringing that late night/early morning, watching my mom from my room, reaching for the phone in our hallway.

My brother was the one driving. He was the one drinking. With the multiple injuries he sustained on the inside and outside, it is only by the grace of God that he is still alive today. However, his best friend did not survive. This article my mom wrote was for other parents to be aware of what their kids are up to. To get involved in and be supporters of MADD and SADD. I’m glad my mom wrote this article. I know it wasn’t easy for her, as the accident was hard on my family in our tiny MI town.

I have a poem that I wrote a couple of years after my dad had passed away. I was still grieving, still hurt. I wrote it in my English class. The pain never goes away.

I have a letter that my Uncle Mark had written to my dad 5 years after his passing. Almost 3 years ago, my Uncle was dying of cancer. When I went to MI to visit and to say my good-byes, he gave me a copy of that letter he had written to my dad. Having that letter reminds how special my dad and Uncle Mark were.

Lastly, I keep my dads’ ‘The Rite of Confirmation’. I found it while looking through boxes of my dads’ things. I like it because it shows the order of worship, the hymns that they sung on that day and the verses that were read. I think its pretty cool to know how important that day was for my dad when he was a teenager.

These papers are so special. Treasures. Reminders.

Are there any kind of special letters/ memories that you keep in your Bible? Or that you keep somewhere else?


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There’s always going to be stages

Last week the Princess auditioned for the school musical. They will be performing Aladdin this Spring. The part that she wants to play is the Genie. However, how the school sets up for the audition, is that each child sings a song from the musical, reads a few lines and learns a short dance to perform in front of the judges. No child can audition for a certain part.  Which, I guess is politically correct.

She got home from her audition and felt pretty good about it. In a couple of days, she will learn what part she will be given.

A couple of days later….

The princess gets in the car from the bus with tears on the verge of dropping down onto her face.

Mommy: “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Princess: “I didn’t get the part of the Genie.”

Mommy: “I am so sorry honey. What part did you get?”

Princess: “A skeleton. A skeleton that opens the door to a dungeon. That is all I am doing!!”

Mommy’s head: Are you kidding me? She is a very talented girl. She sings beautifully, she is a great dancer, a smart, talented girl! And she got the part of a skeleton!? She gets solos at all the church musicals, why hasn’t she gotten a solo at the school musicals!?

The princess goes on to tell me who got what parts, and it was very clear that she was upset, especially since her good friend got the Genie part. Yes. The part that she wanted. That was very hard for her to understand.

It was then that the princess was telling me how she didn’t want to be in the musical. And though my mama bear was raging on the inside, because after all, I didn’t quite understand it either, I thought this is a great opportunity for her to learn that staying in the musical is still good practice for her. Especially since she loves being on stage and being involved with musical productions.

As I gave her the choice of opting out of it, I tried my best to explain to her, that as she gets older  there will be many other plays and musicals throughout her school age years that she can audition for. And with each audition she will learn that she will not fit every part that she is hopeful on getting. You do the best you can, and learn from it.

Thankfully, she understood and has decided to stay in the musical and play the role of the skeleton.








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Sharpen your pencils kids

Last night we got invaded by another 2-3 inches of snow. In the South, that is considered a Winter Storm Warning.

So, of course, as always, the next day they close the schools. Really am trying not to be so sarcastic about this, along with being annoyed with the amount of snow days we have had because of 2 inches of snow.

In past snow days, we just lay around, being lazy, play in the snow, graze our way through the pantry and refrigerator,but, today, I decided to put the Princess and 3 Jesters to work. I printed out a fair amount of worksheets of their age level to work on. And to my surprise they didn’t moan or complain! They are asking for me to print out MORE worksheets for them!

Maybe I can do this whole homeschooling gig after all.

Wait, who am I kidding…..not gonna happen.


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