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To Be Medicated Or Not To Be Medicated

So, when I woke up this morning, I wasn’t feeling too good. I felt sick to my stomach. I went downstairs and started my regular morning routine. Then, all of a sudden I felt an intense, tightness in my chest, started sweating, my entire body went numb and was tingling and I was gasping to breathe. Everyone else was still asleep. I was pacing around the living room, tried sitting down, laying down and standing while doubled over hoping the pain would go away. It was getting harder for me to breathe, to where I couldn’t even call out to my husband to come help me. Within a minute or two, jester 3 came down stairs, and in between gasps, I told him to go get daddy.

My husband had me lay down on the couch. While laying there I was trying to figure out what was going on. I didn’t think that I was going to die. I thought that either I was having an ulcer issue, heart attack or blood clot.

My husband said to me that he was going to call the ambulance. He ran upstairs to get his phone. But, then, I started to feel better. The pain in my chest was tapering off, and I was back to breathing normally again. This “episode” lasted about 10 minutes. We decided not to call the ambulance.

I was able to lay down the rest of the morning and decided that maybe I should call my doctor to see if I should go in to see her. I kept thinking that I might have had a blood clot, only because my left leg has been bothering me with symptoms of a little swelling and a varicose vein bulging and being tender.

The doctor squeezed me in around 12:45. They did an EKG on me and she examined my leg. The EKG was normal, which is good news. So, she had explained to me that I have no blood clots and that my “episode” this morning was a classic case of an anxiety attack. Really? But, the more I thought about it, it makes sense to me on why I would have one. Here are the reasons why I may have had an anxiety attack:

  • I don’t like storms, last night a round of storms came roaring through late in the evening. I was up, glued to every weather channel, app and website I could watch the radar on.
  • Two weeks ago, jester 3 fell and had to get stitches.
  • Nine days after jester 3 got stitches, jester 2 got hit in the head with a baseball bat and had to get stitches.
  • It’s the last week of school. Lots of last-minute activities occurred. And summer break has begun.

My doctor did prescribe me some anti-anxiety medication that I can either take on a regular basis or take one if I were to experience another attack. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to take it.

I’m kind of baffled that this even happened. I mean, really, how long has this attack been in my system anyways? And when or if will this happen again?

Has the princess and 3 jesters finally pushed me over the edge to where I need to be medicated??!!


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More Mommy Time

Since my babies, the twins, jesters 2 & 3 will be starting Kindergarten this 2011-2012 school year, many people are asking the question, “What are you going to do with all that free time?” I joke and say, “SLEEP!” But, no, I’m not going to do that. I have settled in a couple of commitments already.

  • I will be spending a couple of hours, couple of days of the week at my church, as I am the Preschool Choir Director. So, I will be taking some time to prepare the lessons for every Wednesday night.
  • Since I had my babies , it was a little difficult to volunteer at the school while the Princess and jester 1 were attending. I would like to spend some of my time as Room Mom or Cooking Mom (which is fun, I was jester 1’s cooking mom when he was in Kindergarten!) Be more involved in each of the kids’ classes this upcoming school year.

I am reading Jon Acuff’s newly published book, Quitter. No, I am not going to quit being a mom, even though some days I want to! Jon gives great key points on how you can still work your day job, while working towards your dream job. He has lived that, and now he is working his dream job.

Obviously, I am not stuck working in a cubicle working 40 plus hours a week. But, I know there is more of me than just folding clothes, wiping noses and rear ends and scraping mysterious food and spills off of the kitchen floor! I still have dreams, talents and gifts that God has blessed me with, that I think I can put into action in this upcoming new season that will occur later this year. Here are the dreams I am working on;

  • being more consistent with my blog. Taking it to the level that I would like to see it go.
  • I have a children’s book idea in my mind that I would like to tackle.
  • Songwriting. This is where a lot of my heart and passion is. Music. Lyrics. I’ve worked on this off and on in the past, but, this is my dream job. So, I am hoping to meet up with my contacts and get a bit more serious with this love of mine!

So, with that, I think my time while all the kids are in school will be well occupied!

I will also be available to meet up for coffee or lunch to! Because being among adults does this “mommy brain” good!


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Nine Lives

I’m starting to believe that my 4 kids each have nine lives.

Another injury occurred just a week after jester 3 received 3 stitches on his nose. This time it happened to jester 2.

The 3 jesters were playing baseball. Jester 2 was standing a wee bit too close behind jester 3 as he swung the hard, steel bat. Then SMACK! He took a very hard, gruesome hit right above his left eye.

As all 3 boys came running, screaming and crying into the house; my-oh-great-what-happened-now radar went off. Then I saw the gushing of the blood, streaming down jester 2’s face. I admit, I was terrified. In the midst of cleaning up the wound, I was fighting back the tears. Jester 1 had dropped to his knees and started crying out to God, “Please heal my brother! Please God make him be ok.” Jester 3 was crying out, “I’m so sorry Andrew. I love you so much! I love Andrew so much mommy!”

I saw the tenderness, care and fear that those boys had for their brother.

It was a sweet moment, yet, I was so upset because, a) we just went through this and b) my child was just hit in the head with a baseball bat. Hard.

In the past, depending how serious the injury is, I usually take the “injured” to the walk-in clinic. But, since there was so much blood and a hit to the head, I took him to the ER. We got back in triage and a room right away. The ER doctor and nurse cleaned him up real good and 4 stitches later, he is doing really well. No concussion. No knockout. So thankful for that!

This is jester 2’s second injury, unless you count the fall off the monkey bars last week and he scraped up his cheek. He broke his wrist when he was almost 2 and now the stitches at age 5.

I really am hoping this is the end of the accidents, but, friends keep telling me that it won’t be.

I think it’s time for me to embrace the fact that my kids are accident-prone.

And the fact that they have nine lives.

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I See the Light

This is what I started with. Two happy, precious,very poopy ,up all night baby boys. The endless, sleep deprived nights are a bit of a distant memory. Me seeing the light as we moved out of the no more bottle feeding, crawling, spitting up, missing binky’s, teething stage.

Then as we transitioned into the sippy cup throwing, climbing out of cribs, running….in different directions, screaming in the store, getting into the refrigerator to crack eggs all over the table, using scissors to cut one another’s hair and sheets and pillows, falling down the stairs knocking teeth out and breaking a wrist; I saw the light to move into the next stage.

Which brings us to the big boy stage.The Pre-K graduates, I ask a thousand questions a day, still run in different directions, independent, can write my name, have no fear, Power Ranger, Ninja, Karate Kid, wrestling match, endless imagination stage.

As each stage came to a close, as I saw the light to move on to the next stage to go through with them; God really prepared my heart and my mind for it. Do I miss their younger years? Sure, I do…..some of it!(it’s hard to believe we have made it to this stage of life already!) But, I love watching them grow. Love watching them learn. Discover those teachable moments I can offer. I am so excited for them to graduate Pre-K today! They are to. I am ready for the next stage of their lives as they grow into that even more curious, more outgoing, young, yet big boy stage.

But, stay tuned……I am entering into the pre-pre-teenage years with the Princess……

Which stage was the hardest for you? Which one was the easiest?

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Meal Plan:May 16-20

Sometimes I post via twitter what we are having for dinner that night. And I thought that maybe I should start posting my entire meal plan to share with others through my blog. This is for dinner only. Main entrée’s only. Because while school is in session, breakfast and lunch are a whatever-you-want-to-eat-meals. Unless, I am feeling like Martha, then I will make a tasty breakfast for all to enjoy in the mornings!

Monday: We love breakfast for dinner! So, I am attempting this delicious Baked French Toast with Blueberries. Plus it is part of our meatless Monday!

Tuesday: Grilled tomato, avocado, pepper jack cheese sandwiches.I am kind of just whipping this up on my own, since I have been craving a sandwich from The Grilled Cheeserie. I am sure we will have a side dish with it, just haven’t decided which one yet.

Wednesday: We eat dinner at church! A nice break indeed!

Thursday: Turkey burgers on whole wheat buns. With a side of delicious oven fries. This is becoming a favorite!

Friday: Chicken Artichoke Casserole. Not sure if the princess and 3 jesters will enjoy this, but, it’s worth taking a bite or two.

I usually don’t plan meals on the weekends, mainly because we eat out, order in or have leftovers. Or cereal is another option!

Well, there you go. Our meals for the week. Hopefully we won’t have any interruptions, aka, injuries this week, so I can stick to the meal plan!

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Scrapes and Stitches and Bruises, Oh My!

Yesterday morning, we started our day at the Princess and Jester 1’s school to watch them run in their Mile Run. While watching them, Jester 2&3 were playing on the playground located in the middle of the running track. I was standing close by to jester 2 as he attempted to use the monkey bars. He jumped off the little step and unfortunately missed the bar and fell on his right side into the hard, splintery wood chips. I hate wood chips on a playground. In the 4th grade I fell off the swing, placed my hand hard into the wood chips to stop myself, and one got stuck in my wrist. I have the scar to prove it.

Of course, he started crying. I thought he may have broken his arm, because he did fall hard. Luckily, he did not break anything. Just a bunch of scrapes and bruising on his chubby cheek!

Later that afternoon, I brought all the kids to our church for Jester 1 to talk to our Children’s Minister about becoming a Christian and getting baptized. (Yeah!) While taking him up to Mr. Shane’s office, the other kids, including one of the Princess’s friends, all went to the playground. I was going to go back to the playground while Jester 1 stayed with Mr. Shane. But, he suggested for me to stay and wait in another room, as they would be fine down at the playground. Which, really, I thought so to, since the Princess and her friend were with Jesters 2&3, they are old enough for playground supervision.

Well, turns out, maybe they are not. Jester 3 was going up a slide and it had broken apart on him, to which he hit his face onto the slide, to which gave him a cut on his nose, in between his nostrils to be exact. A small, yet deep enough cut to make him get 3 stitches.

Jester 3 is 5 years old. Here are the list of his injuries in his short span of life:

  • knocked out tooth on the bottom from falling down the stairs when he was 1
  • broken leg from running and falling, landing on his leg wrong at 17 months old
  • top tooth turned grey after him and jester 2 were jumping on the bed and his mouth collided with jester 2’s head
  • cut above his eye, while falling down the stairs, hitting his head on our railing
  • cut above his lip, last summer while he and jester’s 1&2 were spinning in our living room , reenacting stunts from the show Wipeout. Spun out of control, landed in our fireplace….6 stitches later.
  • and the everyday scrapes and bruises from being a very active boy who has no fear

I think that is all….for now…..I know this is not the end of our visits to the ER.

So, tell me, do you have a no fear, Evil Kenevil, dare-devil, wanna be stuntman child in your house?

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Tuesday’s at Merridee’s

Ever since jesters 2 & 3 started Pre-K on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, I started having a little me time. There is a quaint little pastry, bread, coffee shop in Downtown Franklin called Merridee’s. So, after I dropped off the boys, I made my way quickly, down there. I say “quickly”, because the seats fill up quickly. But, I always manage to find the perfect spot for me to sit, sip my coffee, enjoy the bites of a homemade cinnamon roll or a blueberry danish and catch up on emails, happenings of the world, and what nots.

Since the school year is coming to an end, this is my last Tuesday at Merridee’s. Summer is upon us, and with all 4 kids out of school, my me time during the day has come to an end as well. Now, that doesn’t mean that my visits have ended indefinitely. They are open on Friday and Saturday night, which I am sure I can escape from the chaos of my house and have a little me time then. Or even on a Saturday afternoon. But, I will miss the familiar faces, friendly smiles, “hello’s” and casual conversations that I have encountered on my Tuesday visits.

It has been a very enjoyable me time here at Merridee’s.

I’ll be back. See you in August!


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