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Lil’ Bit of Coffee, Encouragement and Savings

Lately I’ve been making my own iced mocha at home for a little afternoon refreshing, pick me up “snack”. It’s very simple and easy. I use my coffee that I brewed from the morning, a few splashes of milk, a couple squirts of Hershey’s syrup and some ice cubes and BAM! A delicious consolidation of coffee and chocolate.

While making a glass of it after lunch, jester 1 was watching me and started a conversation about the coffee…..

Jester 1: What are you making?

Me: An iced mocha

Jester 1: That looks easy and good.

Me: Yes, it is.

Jester 1: Are you making this so you don’t have to go buy an iced coffee?

Me: Yes, I am.

Jester 1: (with a big smile on his face) That is so smart of you mom! I’m going to tell dad, he is going to be so proud of you! You’re saving money! 

That jester 1, he is such an encourager. And what can I say, going through Financial Peace University does pay off.



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Battle of the Fowls

When I was younger and before I had babies, I could stay up until the roosters crowed. Then when I got older and had babies, I still stayed up until the roosters crowed. Now that the princess and 3 jesters are way out of that change me-feed me-burp me stage, I sometimes stay up after they have gone to bed, because after all, that is “me” time, mommy down time, where I can put my feet up, finish unfinished business from the day.

But, lately, I’m discovering that I cannot keep my eyes open past 9:00 p.m.

I am completely drained from the constant demands and duties of raising the four children. Plus my responsibilities and commitments outside of the home. The heat and humidity, the fact that it’s summer may play a role in my excessive fatigue, but, it would be a small percentage.

With the busyness of the day, my brain just doesn’t want to think anymore at the end of it.

I’d like to be a night owl. But, if I get little to none sleep, this night owl will turn into a mama bear the next day. And that is never good. For me or the kids.

So, it’s best for me to wake up in the wee small hours of the morning, get that worm…or cup of java, and brace myself for the adventures of the day!

Are you a night owl or an early bird?

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Buy My Cleaning Product Or Else!

As I started to make our dinner yesterday, there was a banging of a sort  knock at our door. I made my way towards it and saw a young, big ole’ smile on the face girl. And the conversation went a little something like this;

Girl: Hello mama! You’re lookin’ mighty pretty today! Let me interest you in organic cleaning solution. (Hands me brochure)

She had a thick Jamacian-like accent. The 3 jesters were standing along-side with me.

She started spraying my window while rambling on how other products leave streaks and smudges.

Girl: Do you see what I’m doing mama? Go ahead, rub your finger across where I just sprayed….no streak.

I did. And there was no streaking.

Girl: You use power washer mama? 

Me: We have before for our driveway.

Girl: No! No more need for power washer. 

She then sprayed the cleaner onto our steps and hand rails, and scrubs them with a brush to show me that all the dirt comes off.

I thought to myself, “So, instead of using a power washer, I spray my entire porch, steps and driveway with the cleaning solution and then have to get on my hands and knees to scrub all the dirt off? I don’t think so.”

Girl: I see you have children. They must make a mess of your house with markers and crayons, nail polish, no?

Me: Yes. They have. 

Girl: This cleaner takes care of all of that. And it’s safe. It’s organic. 

She then takes the cap off of the bottle, licks the “straw” and takes a little swig of the cleaner! I was a bit speechless.

Girl: What do you say mama? How many bottles do you want?

Me: I appreciate you showing me this, but, we cannot buy this right now. 

Girl: Why? Is it too much cleaning for you? You clean a lot more by buying Windex.

Me: I really can’t buy this from you. We don’t have the money for something like this right now.

Girl: I’m just trying to get through school. This isn’t my real job. 

Me: I understand that. But, really….

Girl: If I held a gun to your head, would you still tell me “no”?!

I had to think for a second and make sure that I understood what she just said to me. I just laughed it off.

Me: I need to get back inside. Thank you.

Girl: Alright mama. Have a nice night.

I’m real glad that the 3 jesters witnessed this. Because now they know that A) drinking cleaning products are okay B) threatening somebody by telling them they will put a gun to your head if you don’t buy something from them is okay to.

I think it’s time to slap a ‘No Soliciting’ sticker on my front door.


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Cooking with Mason

Within the last couple of weeks I’ve been lurking around Pinterest. It’s a website where you pin some of your favorite items throughout the web and pin them onto your titled boards. Some boards are photography, crafts, recipes, etc. I have found fascinating and lovely recipes, items and what nots on other people’s boards. But, I have to share one of my newest discoveries. And that my friends are;

Mason Jars

I’ve seen them used in restaurants as glasses for beverages. And the ever so popular jams and jellies. My use for them has been when I make my Cranberry Apple Butter every Christmas.

Since I enjoy baking a lot, I saw pictures and recipes for a couple of delicious treats made in the Mason jars.

The first one is a Rainbow Cake in a Jar. This recipe I love because its fun, colorful and something that the kids can help with to.

The next yummy Mason recipe is S’Mores Cake in a Jar. Who doesn’t have a love for s’mores?!

I cannot wait to try out these Mason Jar recipes! I highly suggest joining Pinterest. You also can find lots of gift ideas and decorating tips for your home!

What do you use Mason Jars for? 



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