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Road trippin’ to a pet store

This past Saturday we got out of the house to take a little, short road trip to a town west of Nashville. The estimated time was close to an hour. And of course, the princess and 3 jesters packed their life away into their backpacks as if we were never coming back to our house.

We headed our way west to Dickson, TN. Our destination was a pet store which is owned by one of the husband’s co-workers wife’s mom… that? To his “understanding” it was a special re-grand opening day for the store. So, I suppose we were going to support and celebrate along with them for the opening. However, this trip would not include us celebrating the fact that we would be adding a new addition to our family. Because really, another living and breathing thing in our house would not survive.

Driving along listening to the tunes of the children asking every 5 minutes, ” Are we there yet?”, we finally get to the town. Religiously following the map and directions provided by Google maps, we cannot find the street that should take us to the pet store. A lot of turning around, u-turns, starting back to the street we came off of and tracking the mileage that Google maps have given us, still nowhere to be found. We turned on a street that led us to a golf course. At that point, I politely asked the husband to ask for directions. Considering our 51 minute road trip has now turned into a 90 minute road trip. We asked a man all suited up, knickers and all, for his golf game and in his thickest Southern accent, “Oh yeah, turn around, go straight across and this street will turn right into Yellow Creek Road about a mile down.”  So, we turned around, went straight across, drove one mile, then two miles and still no Yellow Creek Road. We managed to find our way out of the residential area, back to the main highway and turned into a Kroger parking lot. To which the husband finally called his friend to get the right directions to the pet store. At this point my I-am-so-annoyed-let’s-just-go-home level is at a 10, but, I did not let it show. So, finally, one hour and fifty minutes later we are at the pet store.

In the parking lot was a bouncy house for kids to jump in, a table set up with hot dogs and chips, a popcorn stand and a snow cone machine. And a steel tub with very dirty water to where you can give your dog a bath. We went inside and the stench of the variety of animals was a bit too much. But, somehow, it didn’t bother the kids……

No, we are not buying a hamster.

Pretty sure the princess is holding Darwin from G-Force.

We didn’t buy him, but we named him Slinky the ferret.  Jester 3 does look cute holding a puppy.

I think the princess and 3 jesters held every puppy in that store. And once again I will be mother of the year for telling them that we are not buying a pet.

And by the way, it was not a re-grand opening party, it was Give Your Dog A Free Bath Day.

This may qualify as the weirdest road trip ever.



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Soul Surfer Devotions Book Review & Giveaway

I am sure there has been a time when you wanted to give up, or you have seen your own children struggle to get that motivation to move on. Reading through Bethany Hamilton’s story of her survival and her courage to keep surfing after the shark attack accident, her story is inspiring to all to not give up on their dream, passion, whatever they are struggling through. I mean, really, she had every reason to give up on surfing with only one arm to surf with. But she didn’t.

Her story is so rich and inspiring that it made it to Hollywood. Soul Surfer made its way to the theatre’s a few months ago. I am so glad it did. Bethany has such a solid faith and relationship with God. And she is not afraid to make it known to her family, friends and surfing competitors.

Since the movie has come out, she has written a devotional mostly geared for pre-teens to young adults. To let them know they can face their fears and challenges, to trust God and live out their faith. At the end of each daily devotional she has paired it up with Scripture, which is so great to have God’s Word to always lean on.

If you have not seen the movie, I really hope you do go see it! I really enjoyed it and so did my 10 year old daughter.

If you would like to win a copy of the Soul Surfer Devotions; leave me a comment, tell me if you’ve seen the movie or not or tell me about a time you wanted to give up and what made you not give up.

This giveaway will end Monday June 13 8:00 p.m CST.

This review is strictly my own thoughts and opinions.


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Seeing His Blessings

Lately I have come across this song, ‘Blessings’. And lately I have come across the word blessings. Because lately, it’s been hard for me to see His blessings. I think God speaks to us through many ways, His Word, songs, friends, books, etc. When I heard this song again this morning through another blog post, I heard Him loud and clear this time. 

We can’t always see it, but, His blessings do come through the hard times, trials, sleepless nights, the tears….the raindrops.

This is a beautifully written song by Laura Story. Please listen and hear the words. I hope it speaks to you as it has to me.


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Free Baseball Clinic

Sign up for a FREE baseball clinic with the Nashville Sounds on June 24 or June 25.

Jester 1 participated in this last year and had so much fun! Some of the Nashville Sounds players will divide the kids and have different stations set up with teachings of throwing, batting and catching. Then they will rotate, so that each child will get a turn at each station.

He also received a tee shirt and free lunch after the clinic. Some of the players stayed and gave out autographs as well.

Here is the information to sign up your child:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Nashville” in the “Select Market” drop down menu
  3. Enter the password “playball” (all lowercase, no spaces) and click continue
  4. Click on the clinic date you wish to attend
  5. Complete the registration information and don’t forget to download the waiver (in the yellow box). Each child must have a completed waiver to participate!
  6. Click “submit form” at the end of the page and registration is now complete!


Clinic Options:



Greer Stadium
534 Chestnut St.

Nashville, TN 37203


Friday, June 24

Check-In:8AM – 8:45AM

Clinic: 9AM – 12PM

Lunch: 12PM


Saturday, June 25

Check-In: 8AM – 8:45AM

Clinic: 9AM – 12PM

Lunch: 12PM



If you do not live in Nashville, it looks like you can select your “market city” and also sign up.

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All-Star and Theatre Star

This was an exciting weekend for the princess and jester 1, other than the fact we made another trip to the walk-in clinic, for jester 1 broke his collar-bone Thursday night while at baseball practice.

Friday night was the grand re-opening of our cute, quaint and historic Franklin Theatre. It had closed a few years back, but, some very kind and generous people here in the community donated some money to rebuild it and bring it back even bigger and better as it was before.

Therefore, it was a big deal for our community on Friday night. The princess is part of her Honors Chorus at school and they got the opportunity to be a part of one of the acts. They sang medley tunes with “Julie Andrews” from the movies ‘Sound of Music and ‘Mary Poppins’. 

This is a picture I took backstage from the monitor. Parents could not actually sit in the theatre to watch the performance. Don’t get me started. But, the princess had such a fun time that night! She hopes to get another chance to perform on that stage again.

As I mentioned earlier, jester 1 had fallen while running the bases at baseball practice on Thursday night. And the x-ray showed that he had broken his collar-bone. Which then put him out of playing in his All-Star game and compete in the skills and competition.

He wanted to go cheer on his teammates on Saturday, and he was included and recognized as still part of the team.

Here he is with his All-Star baseball cap and medal. He was so happy that he received them!

What a fun weekend for both of them! I give this weekend five stars!!

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