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Voices of the Faithful

Voices of the Faithful

Voices of the Faithful is a daily devotional book compiled with stories from missionaries who have traveled around the world. These missionaries share from the core of their heart on what God has called them to do. To spread His Word.

There is a theme for each month. For January; the devotion is based on God’s Character. Where stories are told how God has shone through the hard and courageous days of each of the missionaries. Other themes mentioned are; Prayer, Working, Compassion.

What made me choose this book, were the themed months, my love for every day devotions to read, but, also, these stories are from people who risk their lives every day to find the lost and bring each of them closer to Jesus. I have to admit that I am one who has never felt “called” to travel to the ends of the earth to share the Gospel. But, I think God must be stirring some kind of interest into my heart if He led me to choose this book to read, study and share with friends unforgettable stories of missionaries throughout the world.

So, with that, I am excited to ring in 2011 with Voices of the Faithful.


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It’s Still Raining

It all began on Wednesday November 17. I was at my church preparing the preschool choir lesson for that night. I had a slight headache that quickly turned into a migraine, which led me to the 3rd floor of the women’s bathroom where I had my head in the toilet for a good 20 minutes. I went home and stayed in bed for the rest of the day and night.

Feeling somewhat better, the next day, Thursday November 18, I met a friend for lunch. After I enjoyed my soup in a bread bowl, I was headed back to church, where my 4 year old twins attend Pre-K there, it was their Thanksgiving program. I was at a stop light. All of a sudden there was a loud “crash” and my head hit my steering wheel and items in my van got shifted all over the place.  I had been rear-ended. Badly. And my van was pushed into the guy in front of me. I was kind of in shock, as I had never been in a car accident before. I called my husband, crying, I was more upset over the fact that I was going to miss our twins program. Then the cops came, the ambulance came. My neck and head were hurting, so once my husband showed up he took me to the ER. I had strained the muscles and ligaments in my neck. I got some pain meds and went home to rest. That night was my daughters’ chorus concert, which I had to miss because of my neck injury, plus I was so sleepy from the pain medication.

By Sunday, my neck was feeling a little bit better. I stopped taking the pain medication.

Now its Monday November 22. It was about 3:30 p.m I started to feel a tightness in my chest, it was kind of hard for me to breathe and the pain had radiated under the right side of my rib cage and my mid back area. The pain was horrible. I dealt better with labor pain with my kids than that pain I was feeling that afternoon. I was doubled over, had nausea, pacing throughout the house, but, I opted not to go the ER because I was just there a few days before from the accident. The pain lasted a good 5-6 hours. I got online to diagnose myself, and figured out that I more than likely had a gallbladder attack. I called my doctor the next day and explained what had happened, since she didn’t have any available appointments, she suggested for me to go the walk-in clinic and they would be able to run tests on me there. I got there, they did bloodwork, but, then had to send me to another medical facility to get an ultrasound done. And there they had found some gallstones and “sludge” in my gallbladder. And was told that I will need to have it removed. On Tuesday November 30th I met with a surgeon to discuss when to have it removed. As if, December isn’t busy enough, I had decided to have it removed sooner than later, mostly because I did not want to go through another attack. We set the surgery for Tuesday December 7.

But, on Thursday December 2, I already had a follow-up ultrasound appointment for a previous visit a few months ago, with my Gynecologist. Got that done. Was told I would be notified in a few days with the results.

Now, its Saturday December 4. I went to get my haircut. Was driving home. I was at a stop sign waiting to turn right. Then, “crash”! Another lady had rear-ended me. This time, I was driving my husbands’ car. No damage to hers, slight damage to his. I was not happy, nor very nice to the lady that hit me. That was the second time in 2 weeks. We exchanged information. When I got home, my husband banged the left side panel back into place. He called the husband of the lady that hit me, and they both agreed that everything was fine with both vehicles and it was not worth claiming it to our insurance companies, especially since we have had such problems with the insurance company from the 1 st accident.

On Monday December 6, I received a phone call from my GYN, she called to tell me my results from the ultrasound. I now have a 4 cm cyst on my left ovary. She had suggested to come back in 6 weeks, to see if it has dissolved or grown. I really hope and pray that it will dissolve.

And now December 7. Surgery day. All went well. Lots of pillows, ice packs and pain meds are my friends these days. Still sore, tired, a bit swollen and bruised,but, I am right on track of a good, full recovery.

With all that has happened in the last few weeks, sure I’ve been upset and wonder why all of this is happening at once and at the worst possible time, with the holidays and birthdays upon us. But,God has given me peace through each situation. Honestly, I’ve been through worse situations. And He has shown me peace with each of those as well. With each of these trails, it only makes my faith stronger, my relationship closer to God. He is my Provider and Protector. Maybe later, when all of this “rain” will stop, it will all make sense to me,but, until then, I can only move forward, and put my trust in Him.

 Have you been through trials, where instead of pouring rain, it just keeps raining on you?

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