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Kudos To God

Just when I thought the wrath of God was coming upon me; because I’ve been fighting Him in my childish and selfish ways which have led to a multitude of sins; He shows up with grace and mercy left and right today.

I’ve been having issues with my MacBook not charging lately, so I headed over to the Apple store in the ever so glamorous Green Hills mall. The adapter wasn’t working anymore. So, Grant, the Apple tech guy, told me that my warranty was 100 days over and that the adapter was going to cost $61. I thought to myself, hmmmm….great. I can’t buy that today. (Because when you have 4 kids; your money priorities change!) But then, Grant graciously said, “I’ll swap this out for you at no cost.”


I thanked Grant tremendously and left a very happy customer! Now, maybe Apple does this quite a bit for others, but, really, I saw God’s hand in this!

I got to my car and my gas was near to empty. Sighing and thinking that there is no way I’m going to make it back to Franklin, I drove a few miles and pulled into a gas station. I had no cash and little to spare on my debit card; I took the chance and put $9 in the gas tank. But then, as I got back into my car, put my foot on the brake, I looked down and saw a bunch of twenty-dollar bills sticking out. I picked it up and my mind immediately went to the day when I got back from visiting my mom and family in Denver. The 3 jesters had told me that “Daddy lost a lot of money! It fell out of his pocket!”

I had found the money that was “lost”. Which means that all that cash was in our car under the gas pedal for 3 weeks! I texted the husband to tell him that I found his money that he lost and he simply replied back ‘finders keepers’.

God’s timing is perfect and sometimes comical. Notice how I didn’t find that money until after I left the mall! I’ll be back Nordstrom, The Container Store and Cheesecake Factory!

With my heart battered and torn lately and exhausting the battle within myself, I needed to see the grace of God today. I needed to see that He is there, He is still taking care of me, even in the littlest of things that matter.

“The Lord is merciful and compassionate, slow to anger and filled with unfailing love.” Psalm 145:8

Where have you seen God’s grace working in your life? Has He ever “shown up” in random, unexpected, comical ways?


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I’m about to burst.

I’ve been having waves of emotions hit me left and right these past few days from various situations that are currently in this season of my life.

I don’t know what I’ll burst into or out of. But, it’s there. On the verge.

The bursting could be….







the bubble from my gum 

It may even  just be my pants from all of the leftover Easter candy that I’ve been inhaling!

Either way, whichever one it is; I’m going to burst.



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Attempted Pinterest Project {Wordless Wednesday (Haiku)}




My love for candles

My love for a mason jar

Together at last

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Please Return Me

  The other night, Tuesday to be exact, we took the princess and 3 jesters to Chick-Fil-A to take part in kids’ night. You know, where it’s jammed packed with kids of all ages in the play area and half are screaming and the other half are crying because of the screaming. It is fun for the kids, they do have crafts, a balloon guy, well, a guy that makes animals, swords, etc. out of balloons, music and face painting.

When it was time to go, and the kids ran out of the play area to put their shoes on, I noticed that jester 3 had a slightly larger shoe than his other one. Not only was it a 3 times larger shoe size, it was very much more worn in and scuffed up more than his. As his were brand new back to school shoes.  He went back to get his other shoe, but, his other shoe was not in the play area.

I walked around the entire Chick-Fil-A 3 times looking at all the little feet in that place. His shoe was nowhere to be found. So, being the nice people that we are, we left the size 3, worn, dirty, scuffy shoe in the play area, thinking that the owner will come back for it. Because surely, the parent of the child that took the new, shiny, no scuff marks, size 13 shoe will come back for the size 3 shoe, right?!

I went back yesterday to see if someone had returned jester 3’s shoe. And no. And it’s a mystery to me because the size 3 shoe was gone. Not in the play area, and not in the lost and found. So, I’m thinking that the parent of that child came back for it, because they suddenly realized that their son’s size 3 foot did not fit into a size 13 shoe! And if they did come back for it, why wouldn’t they have returned the size 13 shoe!?

I may need to post a picture of the shoe with a note attached to it saying, ‘Please Return Me’.

And what have we learned from this? Keep your child’s shoe with you at the table, not the play area.

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Its Called A ‘Personal Life’ For A Reason

Jesters 2 & 3 and I had a fun morning running all over town to Target, a snack at Panera, the mall and The Factory. While at the mall and taking a break from riding up and down the escalators, we headed over to the food court to have lunch. Jester 2 wanted pizza and jester 3 Chinese food.

While standing in front of the cashier to pay for the cheese pizza slice and drink, the young male twenty-something blurted out to his co-worker;

“Oh my gosh! There’s Johnny. I know he’s going to come over here and ask me out. He won’t stop.”

Co-worker: “Just play hard to get. I’m sure he likes that.”

I stared intently at the cashier with that be-quiet-I’m-done-with-you mom look.

he didn’t recognize that look, and no apology. He just rang up our order and took my money.

I don’t think jesters 2&3 heard him, and if they did, they surely would not understand what he was talking about.

Its called a personal life for a reason, especially if you are “batting for the same team”. And I, as a customer don’t want to hear it.

And now, I have a 3 minute TMI overload scene that will replay in my mind every time I go to the food court.


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When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

A toast to my first Wordless Wednesday blog participation! Cheers!

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Lil’ Bit of Coffee, Encouragement and Savings

Lately I’ve been making my own iced mocha at home for a little afternoon refreshing, pick me up “snack”. It’s very simple and easy. I use my coffee that I brewed from the morning, a few splashes of milk, a couple squirts of Hershey’s syrup and some ice cubes and BAM! A delicious consolidation of coffee and chocolate.

While making a glass of it after lunch, jester 1 was watching me and started a conversation about the coffee…..

Jester 1: What are you making?

Me: An iced mocha

Jester 1: That looks easy and good.

Me: Yes, it is.

Jester 1: Are you making this so you don’t have to go buy an iced coffee?

Me: Yes, I am.

Jester 1: (with a big smile on his face) That is so smart of you mom! I’m going to tell dad, he is going to be so proud of you! You’re saving money! 

That jester 1, he is such an encourager. And what can I say, going through Financial Peace University does pay off.


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