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Play Ball!

Hey all my Nashville friends! For the past 3 years, jester 1 has been a part of a FREE baseball clinic hosted by the Nashville Sounds. Where he learns about catching, batting, throwing and other baseball must-knows. It’s a fun, inspiring and active day  for all who participate.

It is for boys and girls between the ages of 6-14.

There are two days that you can choose to attend.

June 15 and June 16. The clinic will run from 9:00-12:00. With a snack provided at the end. In previous years, you are also given tickets to that evenings baseball game!

To register, go to the Chevy Youth Sports website.

  • choose Nashville as your market
  • enter playbill for the password

Spaces are running out, so sign your boy or girl up now!

If you are in another city, look under the market listings and see if your city is participating in hosting a free baseball clinic as well! 


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Not So Cool Mom

The hype of superheroes play a big part in our household. The DC  and the Marvel family. But, ever since The Avengers came out onto the big screen, I’ve seen Iron Man, Hulk and the others fight throughout my house.

For a while now, the 3 jesters have been watching the cartoon of The Avengers. I’ve sat with them and watched a couple of episodes. So, I got the bright idea of taking the boys to a comic book store and they can pick out a comic of their choice of superhero. I remember when I was about their age, I would ride my bike down to our little convenient store and get a few comic books myself.

Last week I brought them to our local comic book store. As we walked in, there were two grown men playing or trading with some kind of cards. I couldn’t tell what kind they were, but, my first thought was, “Wow. I’m not so sure about this.” Because my mind fast forwarded to 30 years and frankly, I don’t want to see the 3 jesters sitting in a comic book store trading cards. As we made our way through the tight, boxes of comics piled throughout every side of the store, we found a bunch of comics in boxes marked $1. I had the boys look through them. After much deciding and contemplating on which one to get,we walked out with Hulk, Spiderman and Iron Man.

When we got to the car, they were allowed to open them and start looking through the books. That’s when I heard, “Ooooooo! Look at her!” Instantly, I asked told them to pass the comic books back up to me. My brother-in-law was with us and I had him look through the comics. And sure enough there were pictures of women characters drawn to where little boys eyes should not see. There was even a picture of an old man in the shower with his naked bottom exposed!

I felt horrible. Ashamed. Like I needed to chalk up another failing parent moment. I should have looked through the comics before allowing the boys to get them. I honestly didn’t think the comics would be so exposed. All I had in mind was the cool superheroes that they love to watch.

I explained to the boys that “mommy messed up” and that they are not ready, not old enough to start collecting comics. I’m so glad that they understood and didn’t complain too much about not having the comics anymore.

Here I was, thinking something that is so cool, fun and everybody’s doing it attitude, only to be left feeling guilty.

Surely I’m not the only mom out there who has made a not-so-cool-mom move like this. It’s a learning experience for us all, right!?

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Lil’ Picasso

Andrew, age 5, Kindergarten class. November 2011

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Please Return Me

  The other night, Tuesday to be exact, we took the princess and 3 jesters to Chick-Fil-A to take part in kids’ night. You know, where it’s jammed packed with kids of all ages in the play area and half are screaming and the other half are crying because of the screaming. It is fun for the kids, they do have crafts, a balloon guy, well, a guy that makes animals, swords, etc. out of balloons, music and face painting.

When it was time to go, and the kids ran out of the play area to put their shoes on, I noticed that jester 3 had a slightly larger shoe than his other one. Not only was it a 3 times larger shoe size, it was very much more worn in and scuffed up more than his. As his were brand new back to school shoes.  He went back to get his other shoe, but, his other shoe was not in the play area.

I walked around the entire Chick-Fil-A 3 times looking at all the little feet in that place. His shoe was nowhere to be found. So, being the nice people that we are, we left the size 3, worn, dirty, scuffy shoe in the play area, thinking that the owner will come back for it. Because surely, the parent of the child that took the new, shiny, no scuff marks, size 13 shoe will come back for the size 3 shoe, right?!

I went back yesterday to see if someone had returned jester 3’s shoe. And no. And it’s a mystery to me because the size 3 shoe was gone. Not in the play area, and not in the lost and found. So, I’m thinking that the parent of that child came back for it, because they suddenly realized that their son’s size 3 foot did not fit into a size 13 shoe! And if they did come back for it, why wouldn’t they have returned the size 13 shoe!?

I may need to post a picture of the shoe with a note attached to it saying, ‘Please Return Me’.

And what have we learned from this? Keep your child’s shoe with you at the table, not the play area.

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When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

A toast to my first Wordless Wednesday blog participation! Cheers!

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Nine Lives

I’m starting to believe that my 4 kids each have nine lives.

Another injury occurred just a week after jester 3 received 3 stitches on his nose. This time it happened to jester 2.

The 3 jesters were playing baseball. Jester 2 was standing a wee bit too close behind jester 3 as he swung the hard, steel bat. Then SMACK! He took a very hard, gruesome hit right above his left eye.

As all 3 boys came running, screaming and crying into the house; my-oh-great-what-happened-now radar went off. Then I saw the gushing of the blood, streaming down jester 2’s face. I admit, I was terrified. In the midst of cleaning up the wound, I was fighting back the tears. Jester 1 had dropped to his knees and started crying out to God, “Please heal my brother! Please God make him be ok.” Jester 3 was crying out, “I’m so sorry Andrew. I love you so much! I love Andrew so much mommy!”

I saw the tenderness, care and fear that those boys had for their brother.

It was a sweet moment, yet, I was so upset because, a) we just went through this and b) my child was just hit in the head with a baseball bat. Hard.

In the past, depending how serious the injury is, I usually take the “injured” to the walk-in clinic. But, since there was so much blood and a hit to the head, I took him to the ER. We got back in triage and a room right away. The ER doctor and nurse cleaned him up real good and 4 stitches later, he is doing really well. No concussion. No knockout. So thankful for that!

This is jester 2’s second injury, unless you count the fall off the monkey bars last week and he scraped up his cheek. He broke his wrist when he was almost 2 and now the stitches at age 5.

I really am hoping this is the end of the accidents, but, friends keep telling me that it won’t be.

I think it’s time for me to embrace the fact that my kids are accident-prone.

And the fact that they have nine lives.

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I See the Light

This is what I started with. Two happy, precious,very poopy ,up all night baby boys. The endless, sleep deprived nights are a bit of a distant memory. Me seeing the light as we moved out of the no more bottle feeding, crawling, spitting up, missing binky’s, teething stage.

Then as we transitioned into the sippy cup throwing, climbing out of cribs, running….in different directions, screaming in the store, getting into the refrigerator to crack eggs all over the table, using scissors to cut one another’s hair and sheets and pillows, falling down the stairs knocking teeth out and breaking a wrist; I saw the light to move into the next stage.

Which brings us to the big boy stage.The Pre-K graduates, I ask a thousand questions a day, still run in different directions, independent, can write my name, have no fear, Power Ranger, Ninja, Karate Kid, wrestling match, endless imagination stage.

As each stage came to a close, as I saw the light to move on to the next stage to go through with them; God really prepared my heart and my mind for it. Do I miss their younger years? Sure, I do…..some of it!(it’s hard to believe we have made it to this stage of life already!) But, I love watching them grow. Love watching them learn. Discover those teachable moments I can offer. I am so excited for them to graduate Pre-K today! They are to. I am ready for the next stage of their lives as they grow into that even more curious, more outgoing, young, yet big boy stage.

But, stay tuned……I am entering into the pre-pre-teenage years with the Princess……

Which stage was the hardest for you? Which one was the easiest?

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