The Bigger Picture

Back in November as I was finishing up my preschool choir duties at our church, jesters 2 & 3 have not had a consistent Sunday School teacher for their class since the promotion Sunday in August. They were being combined with the one year younger class than them. One Sunday morning, they were complaining how they didn’t want to go to the “baby class” anymore. And frankly, I was over it to. As we were waiting in the hallway for the “baby class” teacher to show up, I was thinking; this is getting old and ridiculous. So, the next day, I talked with our Preschool Director and told her that I will be the Kindergarten Sunday School teacher. Naturally, she looked at me as if I were crazy, because I’m known for spreading myself thin and plus, I will have two of my very own children in there. But, I saw the need.

A need to be in that classroom with those children and they have a consistent teacher.

I am not a teacher. Look at my spiritual gift test and teaching is at the very bottom. Classroom settings and lesson planning does not formulate in my brain. Thankfully there was a book, a guideline that I could use to help me teach the children.

Honestly, I dreaded Sunday morning. I fought with God every Saturday night. Most of the time I didn’t even look at the lesson until 30 minutes before the children were to arrive. My heart wasn’t fully in it. I was in that classroom because nobody else would step up to teach these kids. And that led to bitterness and frustration towards other parents at church.

A few weeks into me being their teacher; our Pastor was talking about “taking up space” in one of his sermons. And that is what I felt like I was doing. Taking up space in this classroom, when somebody else who has the calling of teaching could be in there. But, nobody else did.

That’s when I started praying to God to give me the heart and mindset to see the bigger picture. To look beyond the planning, the turning my mom voice on to some of those kids. Even when just an hour earlier I was yelling at my own kids to hurry up, get dressed, brush their teeth and then have to teach them in the classroom. That is not an easy transition. I had to think that this was all for God, that maybe, a seed will be planted into the hearts of one or all of these kids.

My last Sunday is at the end of this month with these kindergartners. Its a bittersweet ending with them. I’m glad that I stepped up and that God showed me the bigger picture in that classroom.



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