What Captures My Soul

I’ve been playing on Spotify a lot lately. It’s a site where you can listen to any kind of music your heart desires….FREE! At least on your desktop. If you want to download the app onto your phone, that’s free, but, to listen to the music on your phone, there is a monthly fee.

I have a couple of play-lists that I’ve made, including a set of songs that sounds like I’ve just called into the Delilah radio show requesting every hopeless romantic love song there is. But, hey, a good ballad is good for the soul. Or sometimes not. Because sometimes that ballad takes you back to that day when your heart got crushed by your “soul-mate” and left you sitting in your car….alone…..and every song that came across the radio had he-doesn’t-love-you words darting your heart even more. We’ve all been there, right?

As a young girl, I would sit in my bedroom and listen to music any chance I could get. And I would write out all of the lyrics of all the songs that I enjoyed the most. Which then led me to write my own words, my own lyrics. Being involved with a variety of choirs, and as my dad being a “music man”, I knew that music and songs were something that I wanted to dig deeper into.

I have spiral notebooks filled with lyrics that I had kept in secret for years. I wrote in silence mainly because I didn’t know where to go from there. Until one day I got the bright idea to email David Foster, a well known and respected songwriter. He never replied back. It’s ok. He’s a busy guy.

I took a break from writing. But, when we moved to Nashville, Music City, USA, I thought, “Maybe this is it. This is God’s way of showing me to get back into writing.” So, I wrote up a few new lyrics, brushed up a couple of old ones and had a friend who is in the music industry take a look at them. He liked what I wrote. In fact we did put a song together. But, nothing came of it. Which is fine. I kept writing.

But, then I stopped. Again. Life with 4 kids was happening and I was tired of rejection.

With friends in the industry, it’s not easy as I thought it would be.

So, here I am today, in 2012, listening to Spotify to keep up with new tunes from outstanding artists and listening to old tunes that take me back to good and bad days.

Listening to these songs has given me the itch to write again. Music truly seeps into my soul and embraces the joys and sorrows that are rooted deep down. The words alone in a song invade and captures my passion for music.

This passion has not gone away. It’s still there. It’s time to open up my heart again.


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