Meal Plan: October 24-28

I am pretty excited about this week’s meals that we are going to have! With Fall in full swing that means two things; crock-pot and soup. I have a very healthy relationship with my crock-pot and I love the comfort that soup gives you at the end of the day!

Monday: Taco Soup. This needs no introduction or explanation. It is what it is. Delicious.

Tuesday: Making a homemade pizza for the family. I’ll be attending the Women’s Fall dinner at our church. Simple and not so time consuming so I can dart out the door!

Wednesday: I usually don’t make a meal on Wednesday, but I am this week. Mexican Chicken. Can’t get enough of Paula!

Thursday: Simple, light and tasty; BLT.

Friday: Beginning the week with soup and ending it with this soup; Broccoli and Cheese.

While you are here, there is still time for you to comment over here and win a coupon for a free pizza AND a pretty in pink set of earphones!


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