Smack-Dab {Review & Giveaway}

In this book written by a new author, Brennan Manning, he asks the question, What is the one thing you think Abba will ask you someday when you are in heaven?”

Among the colorfully illustrated pages, within the diverse children of the book, the children answer that question out of joy, fear and hope. They learn that God is always there and He cares about every part of their lives.

What your child can learn from this book, is that God’s love is immeasurable and everlasting. And that you are always right Smack-Dab in the Middle of God’s Love! 

To win this book, leave a comment by answering; How can you encourage your children to show God’s love in their world? 

Contest will end Monday October 17 10:00 a.m. CST.

These opinions for this review for Tommy Nelson are strictly my own.


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