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This past weekend, a few friends and I attended an event supported through Lifeway called .Mom. We arose early Friday morning, left the house before the kids had to go to school and made our 3 hour trek down to Birmingham, AL. This event was for  all moms, whatever season you are in as a mom, there was something for you to learn.

Once we made it to the hotel, we headed over to the first pre-session. A couple of us went to The Perfection Trap, led by Constance Rhodes. She talked about how we can fall into a vicious trap of the need to have everything about us be perfect. Body image, our works, character, etc. It was a well received discussion.

Lunch break. A quant, cutesy, sandwich dive down the street from the hotel. Can’t remember the name, but the chicken salad was divine!

The worship was led by Melissa Greene. God has blessed her with an outstanding, beautiful voice. Worship time was so rich, joyful and heart-filled. Sweet moments of praising God.

Our main speakers were:

Vicki Courtneythis is the first time I heard her speak. She kept it real for us by focusing on Luke 10:38. Which, we all know that most of us are Martha, but strive to be more like Mary.

Angela Thomas she had spoken at our church one night at our Women’s Fall Dinner. Loved her back then and loved her at .mom. Her focus; BE THE SUNSHINE!! 2 Corinthians 4:6.

Angie Smithsweet, funny, lovable mom! I’ve signed up to be a part of an online book club through (in)courage, the book is Angie’s titled What Women Fear. Come join us!

Priscilla Shirer this is my 5th time hearing Priscilla speak. Why? Because the girl has passion, confidence and humor on whatever she is speaking about! Her focus was about how all of us moms are oneness of purpose. We all need to be “washing each others’ nets”.

After each main speaker we all went our separate ways to breakout sessions. And they had just about every topic you could think of for a mom. I personally attended the Moms of Children Under 13 panel, Wild Things:The Art of Nurturing Boys,5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Son and Modern Parents…Vintage Values.

All were so good, uplifting and encouraging to help me with the season that I am in with the princess and 3 jesters. If you have boys, please get the book Wild Things by David Thomas. I haven’t read it yet, but am going to! Because David is kind of like the male version of SuperNanny! Seriously, the man just tells it like it is when it comes to raising boys and he answered so many questions that have been swarming around in my head.

If you did not attend this past weekend, fear not! Lifeway is having it again next year! I encourage you to go. I promise your heart, soul and mind will be filled with more confidence, promise and hope as a mother.

Oh! I failed to mention that the Duggar family did make a surprise visit. Seeing them all live in person made my raising of my 4 precious children seem so simple! 

I don’t have any fancy photos to show, because I am  horrible at taking pictures and remembering to take pictures. Maybe next year. 


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  1. kim

    thanks for sharing.. i want to go next year.. just have to make time for it and do it.. kim

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