Mini Sale

Since I don’t have the patience for ebay, and craigslist creeps me out, also since we don’t have enough items to sell to have a yard sale, I’m posting 3 items that I would like to sell. I don’t use these and they are taking up space, so hopefully you do have the space and they can go to another home.

These are Pampered Chef Party Sticks. They have never been used. They are great for picnics, the beach, anywhere to stick them in the ground to hold your 2-liter bottles, wine bottles and glasses. They retail for $39.00. I am asking for $35.00.

Out of the original box, still bundled together. $35.00

This is the Pampered Chef Ultimate Mandolin. I have used it twice. I do like it, but, I have not used it in 2 years. Retail value is $61.00. I am asking for $45.00.

The Ultimate Mandoline comes with 3 interchangeable blades; crinkle cutting, v-shaped slicing and adjustable slicing, also a grating blade. They all store nicely into a compartment.

This is the Imaginarium Train Table. We got this for $160.00 for the 3 jesters 3-4 years ago. It does have some scratches on it. I wiped it down, including the tracks and other gadgets that came with it. I am asking for $30.00

It has 2 drawers on the side to store the tracks,trains and everything else. Not all of the pieces are there. But, if you have a child that is not too peculiar on building a fancy train track, then this train table is for you!

If you would like any of these items, please leave me a comment. I would like to sell to Nashville bound people only.

Serious inquiries only please!

Thank you!


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