Its Called A ‘Personal Life’ For A Reason

Jesters 2 & 3 and I had a fun morning running all over town to Target, a snack at Panera, the mall and The Factory. While at the mall and taking a break from riding up and down the escalators, we headed over to the food court to have lunch. Jester 2 wanted pizza and jester 3 Chinese food.

While standing in front of the cashier to pay for the cheese pizza slice and drink, the young male twenty-something blurted out to his co-worker;

“Oh my gosh! There’s Johnny. I know he’s going to come over here and ask me out. He won’t stop.”

Co-worker: “Just play hard to get. I’m sure he likes that.”

I stared intently at the cashier with that be-quiet-I’m-done-with-you mom look.

he didn’t recognize that look, and no apology. He just rang up our order and took my money.

I don’t think jesters 2&3 heard him, and if they did, they surely would not understand what he was talking about.

Its called a personal life for a reason, especially if you are “batting for the same team”. And I, as a customer don’t want to hear it.

And now, I have a 3 minute TMI overload scene that will replay in my mind every time I go to the food court.



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2 responses to “Its Called A ‘Personal Life’ For A Reason

  1. Mike Butcher

    I’m right there with you on this one. Many times I hear far more than I need, or want, to hear at work. It amazes me what some people will say while talking on their cell phones in the middle of the store. Some things are private matters that should be discussed face to face, not broadcast to everyone else around.

  2. These young ones have no tact at all. They are in their own little world and nothing else matters. Even in the “professional” field, I see it often.

    Those on the phone are fine. They have every right to talk about most things, but if you are at work and especially in customer service, be mindful of what you say. I was always brought up on “leave your personal life, at the door” and have stuck with that as often as I can, especially in front of customers.

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