Buy My Cleaning Product Or Else!

As I started to make our dinner yesterday, there was a banging of a sort  knock at our door. I made my way towards it and saw a young, big ole’ smile on the face girl. And the conversation went a little something like this;

Girl: Hello mama! You’re lookin’ mighty pretty today! Let me interest you in organic cleaning solution. (Hands me brochure)

She had a thick Jamacian-like accent. The 3 jesters were standing along-side with me.

She started spraying my window while rambling on how other products leave streaks and smudges.

Girl: Do you see what I’m doing mama? Go ahead, rub your finger across where I just sprayed….no streak.

I did. And there was no streaking.

Girl: You use power washer mama? 

Me: We have before for our driveway.

Girl: No! No more need for power washer. 

She then sprayed the cleaner onto our steps and hand rails, and scrubs them with a brush to show me that all the dirt comes off.

I thought to myself, “So, instead of using a power washer, I spray my entire porch, steps and driveway with the cleaning solution and then have to get on my hands and knees to scrub all the dirt off? I don’t think so.”

Girl: I see you have children. They must make a mess of your house with markers and crayons, nail polish, no?

Me: Yes. They have. 

Girl: This cleaner takes care of all of that. And it’s safe. It’s organic. 

She then takes the cap off of the bottle, licks the “straw” and takes a little swig of the cleaner! I was a bit speechless.

Girl: What do you say mama? How many bottles do you want?

Me: I appreciate you showing me this, but, we cannot buy this right now. 

Girl: Why? Is it too much cleaning for you? You clean a lot more by buying Windex.

Me: I really can’t buy this from you. We don’t have the money for something like this right now.

Girl: I’m just trying to get through school. This isn’t my real job. 

Me: I understand that. But, really….

Girl: If I held a gun to your head, would you still tell me “no”?!

I had to think for a second and make sure that I understood what she just said to me. I just laughed it off.

Me: I need to get back inside. Thank you.

Girl: Alright mama. Have a nice night.

I’m real glad that the 3 jesters witnessed this. Because now they know that A) drinking cleaning products are okay B) threatening somebody by telling them they will put a gun to your head if you don’t buy something from them is okay to.

I think it’s time to slap a ‘No Soliciting’ sticker on my front door.



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