Road trippin’ to a pet store

This past Saturday we got out of the house to take a little, short road trip to a town west of Nashville. The estimated time was close to an hour. And of course, the princess and 3 jesters packed their life away into their backpacks as if we were never coming back to our house.

We headed our way west to Dickson, TN. Our destination was a pet store which is owned by one of the husband’s co-workers wife’s mom… that? To his “understanding” it was a special re-grand opening day for the store. So, I suppose we were going to support and celebrate along with them for the opening. However, this trip would not include us celebrating the fact that we would be adding a new addition to our family. Because really, another living and breathing thing in our house would not survive.

Driving along listening to the tunes of the children asking every 5 minutes, ” Are we there yet?”, we finally get to the town. Religiously following the map and directions provided by Google maps, we cannot find the street that should take us to the pet store. A lot of turning around, u-turns, starting back to the street we came off of and tracking the mileage that Google maps have given us, still nowhere to be found. We turned on a street that led us to a golf course. At that point, I politely asked the husband to ask for directions. Considering our 51 minute road trip has now turned into a 90 minute road trip. We asked a man all suited up, knickers and all, for his golf game and in his thickest Southern accent, “Oh yeah, turn around, go straight across and this street will turn right into Yellow Creek Road about a mile down.”  So, we turned around, went straight across, drove one mile, then two miles and still no Yellow Creek Road. We managed to find our way out of the residential area, back to the main highway and turned into a Kroger parking lot. To which the husband finally called his friend to get the right directions to the pet store. At this point my I-am-so-annoyed-let’s-just-go-home level is at a 10, but, I did not let it show. So, finally, one hour and fifty minutes later we are at the pet store.

In the parking lot was a bouncy house for kids to jump in, a table set up with hot dogs and chips, a popcorn stand and a snow cone machine. And a steel tub with very dirty water to where you can give your dog a bath. We went inside and the stench of the variety of animals was a bit too much. But, somehow, it didn’t bother the kids……

No, we are not buying a hamster.

Pretty sure the princess is holding Darwin from G-Force.

We didn’t buy him, but we named him Slinky the ferret.  Jester 3 does look cute holding a puppy.

I think the princess and 3 jesters held every puppy in that store. And once again I will be mother of the year for telling them that we are not buying a pet.

And by the way, it was not a re-grand opening party, it was Give Your Dog A Free Bath Day.

This may qualify as the weirdest road trip ever.



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4 responses to “Road trippin’ to a pet store

  1. Michael Foster

    Please don’t be offended, but I giggled through this whole read. Thanks… I really needed that!

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