All-Star and Theatre Star

This was an exciting weekend for the princess and jester 1, other than the fact we made another trip to the walk-in clinic, for jester 1 broke his collar-bone Thursday night while at baseball practice.

Friday night was the grand re-opening of our cute, quaint and historic Franklin Theatre. It had closed a few years back, but, some very kind and generous people here in the community donated some money to rebuild it and bring it back even bigger and better as it was before.

Therefore, it was a big deal for our community on Friday night. The princess is part of her Honors Chorus at school and they got the opportunity to be a part of one of the acts. They sang medley tunes with “Julie Andrews” from the movies ‘Sound of Music and ‘Mary Poppins’. 

This is a picture I took backstage from the monitor. Parents could not actually sit in the theatre to watch the performance. Don’t get me started. But, the princess had such a fun time that night! She hopes to get another chance to perform on that stage again.

As I mentioned earlier, jester 1 had fallen while running the bases at baseball practice on Thursday night. And the x-ray showed that he had broken his collar-bone. Which then put him out of playing in his All-Star game and compete in the skills and competition.

He wanted to go cheer on his teammates on Saturday, and he was included and recognized as still part of the team.

Here he is with his All-Star baseball cap and medal. He was so happy that he received them!

What a fun weekend for both of them! I give this weekend five stars!!


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