To Be Medicated Or Not To Be Medicated

So, when I woke up this morning, I wasn’t feeling too good. I felt sick to my stomach. I went downstairs and started my regular morning routine. Then, all of a sudden I felt an intense, tightness in my chest, started sweating, my entire body went numb and was tingling and I was gasping to breathe. Everyone else was still asleep. I was pacing around the living room, tried sitting down, laying down and standing while doubled over hoping the pain would go away. It was getting harder for me to breathe, to where I couldn’t even call out to my husband to come help me. Within a minute or two, jester 3 came down stairs, and in between gasps, I told him to go get daddy.

My husband had me lay down on the couch. While laying there I was trying to figure out what was going on. I didn’t think that I was going to die. I thought that either I was having an ulcer issue, heart attack or blood clot.

My husband said to me that he was going to call the ambulance. He ran upstairs to get his phone. But, then, I started to feel better. The pain in my chest was tapering off, and I was back to breathing normally again. This “episode” lasted about 10 minutes. We decided not to call the ambulance.

I was able to lay down the rest of the morning and decided that maybe I should call my doctor to see if I should go in to see her. I kept thinking that I might have had a blood clot, only because my left leg has been bothering me with symptoms of a little swelling and a varicose vein bulging and being tender.

The doctor squeezed me in around 12:45. They did an EKG on me and she examined my leg. The EKG was normal, which is good news. So, she had explained to me that I have no blood clots and that my “episode” this morning was a classic case of an anxiety attack. Really? But, the more I thought about it, it makes sense to me on why I would have one. Here are the reasons why I may have had an anxiety attack:

  • I don’t like storms, last night a round of storms came roaring through late in the evening. I was up, glued to every weather channel, app and website I could watch the radar on.
  • Two weeks ago, jester 3 fell and had to get stitches.
  • Nine days after jester 3 got stitches, jester 2 got hit in the head with a baseball bat and had to get stitches.
  • It’s the last week of school. Lots of last-minute activities occurred. And summer break has begun.

My doctor did prescribe me some anti-anxiety medication that I can either take on a regular basis or take one if I were to experience another attack. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to take it.

I’m kind of baffled that this even happened. I mean, really, how long has this attack been in my system anyways? And when or if will this happen again?

Has the princess and 3 jesters finally pushed me over the edge to where I need to be medicated??!!


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