Nine Lives

I’m starting to believe that my 4 kids each have nine lives.

Another injury occurred just a week after jester 3 received 3 stitches on his nose. This time it happened to jester 2.

The 3 jesters were playing baseball. Jester 2 was standing a wee bit too close behind jester 3 as he swung the hard, steel bat. Then SMACK! He took a very hard, gruesome hit right above his left eye.

As all 3 boys came running, screaming and crying into the house; my-oh-great-what-happened-now radar went off. Then I saw the gushing of the blood, streaming down jester 2’s face. I admit, I was terrified. In the midst of cleaning up the wound, I was fighting back the tears. Jester 1 had dropped to his knees and started crying out to God, “Please heal my brother! Please God make him be ok.” Jester 3 was crying out, “I’m so sorry Andrew. I love you so much! I love Andrew so much mommy!”

I saw the tenderness, care and fear that those boys had for their brother.

It was a sweet moment, yet, I was so upset because, a) we just went through this and b) my child was just hit in the head with a baseball bat. Hard.

In the past, depending how serious the injury is, I usually take the “injured” to the walk-in clinic. But, since there was so much blood and a hit to the head, I took him to the ER. We got back in triage and a room right away. The ER doctor and nurse cleaned him up real good and 4 stitches later, he is doing really well. No concussion. No knockout. So thankful for that!

This is jester 2’s second injury, unless you count the fall off the monkey bars last week and he scraped up his cheek. He broke his wrist when he was almost 2 and now the stitches at age 5.

I really am hoping this is the end of the accidents, but, friends keep telling me that it won’t be.

I think it’s time for me to embrace the fact that my kids are accident-prone.

And the fact that they have nine lives.


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