I See the Light

This is what I started with. Two happy, precious,very poopy ,up all night baby boys. The endless, sleep deprived nights are a bit of a distant memory. Me seeing the light as we moved out of the no more bottle feeding, crawling, spitting up, missing binky’s, teething stage.

Then as we transitioned into the sippy cup throwing, climbing out of cribs, running….in different directions, screaming in the store, getting into the refrigerator to crack eggs all over the table, using scissors to cut one another’s hair and sheets and pillows, falling down the stairs knocking teeth out and breaking a wrist; I saw the light to move into the next stage.

Which brings us to the big boy stage.The Pre-K graduates, I ask a thousand questions a day, still run in different directions, independent, can write my name, have no fear, Power Ranger, Ninja, Karate Kid, wrestling match, endless imagination stage.

As each stage came to a close, as I saw the light to move on to the next stage to go through with them; God really prepared my heart and my mind for it. Do I miss their younger years? Sure, I do…..some of it!(it’s hard to believe we have made it to this stage of life already!) But, I love watching them grow. Love watching them learn. Discover those teachable moments I can offer. I am so excited for them to graduate Pre-K today! They are to. I am ready for the next stage of their lives as they grow into that even more curious, more outgoing, young, yet big boy stage.

But, stay tuned……I am entering into the pre-pre-teenage years with the Princess……

Which stage was the hardest for you? Which one was the easiest?


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