Meal Plan:May 16-20

Sometimes I post via twitter what we are having for dinner that night. And I thought that maybe I should start posting my entire meal plan to share with others through my blog. This is for dinner only. Main entrée’s only. Because while school is in session, breakfast and lunch are a whatever-you-want-to-eat-meals. Unless, I am feeling like Martha, then I will make a tasty breakfast for all to enjoy in the mornings!

Monday: We love breakfast for dinner! So, I am attempting this delicious Baked French Toast with Blueberries. Plus it is part of our meatless Monday!

Tuesday: Grilled tomato, avocado, pepper jack cheese sandwiches.I am kind of just whipping this up on my own, since I have been craving a sandwich from The Grilled Cheeserie. I am sure we will have a side dish with it, just haven’t decided which one yet.

Wednesday: We eat dinner at church! A nice break indeed!

Thursday: Turkey burgers on whole wheat buns. With a side of delicious oven fries. This is becoming a favorite!

Friday: Chicken Artichoke Casserole. Not sure if the princess and 3 jesters will enjoy this, but, it’s worth taking a bite or two.

I usually don’t plan meals on the weekends, mainly because we eat out, order in or have leftovers. Or cereal is another option!

Well, there you go. Our meals for the week. Hopefully we won’t have any interruptions, aka, injuries this week, so I can stick to the meal plan!


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