Scrapes and Stitches and Bruises, Oh My!

Yesterday morning, we started our day at the Princess and Jester 1’s school to watch them run in their Mile Run. While watching them, Jester 2&3 were playing on the playground located in the middle of the running track. I was standing close by to jester 2 as he attempted to use the monkey bars. He jumped off the little step and unfortunately missed the bar and fell on his right side into the hard, splintery wood chips. I hate wood chips on a playground. In the 4th grade I fell off the swing, placed my hand hard into the wood chips to stop myself, and one got stuck in my wrist. I have the scar to prove it.

Of course, he started crying. I thought he may have broken his arm, because he did fall hard. Luckily, he did not break anything. Just a bunch of scrapes and bruising on his chubby cheek!

Later that afternoon, I brought all the kids to our church for Jester 1 to talk to our Children’s Minister about becoming a Christian and getting baptized. (Yeah!) While taking him up to Mr. Shane’s office, the other kids, including one of the Princess’s friends, all went to the playground. I was going to go back to the playground while Jester 1 stayed with Mr. Shane. But, he suggested for me to stay and wait in another room, as they would be fine down at the playground. Which, really, I thought so to, since the Princess and her friend were with Jesters 2&3, they are old enough for playground supervision.

Well, turns out, maybe they are not. Jester 3 was going up a slide and it had broken apart on him, to which he hit his face onto the slide, to which gave him a cut on his nose, in between his nostrils to be exact. A small, yet deep enough cut to make him get 3 stitches.

Jester 3 is 5 years old. Here are the list of his injuries in his short span of life:

  • knocked out tooth on the bottom from falling down the stairs when he was 1
  • broken leg from running and falling, landing on his leg wrong at 17 months old
  • top tooth turned grey after him and jester 2 were jumping on the bed and his mouth collided with jester 2’s head
  • cut above his eye, while falling down the stairs, hitting his head on our railing
  • cut above his lip, last summer while he and jester’s 1&2 were spinning in our living room , reenacting stunts from the show Wipeout. Spun out of control, landed in our fireplace….6 stitches later.
  • and the everyday scrapes and bruises from being a very active boy who has no fear

I think that is all….for now…..I know this is not the end of our visits to the ER.

So, tell me, do you have a no fear, Evil Kenevil, dare-devil, wanna be stuntman child in your house?


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