Tuesday’s at Merridee’s

Ever since jesters 2 & 3 started Pre-K on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, I started having a little me time. There is a quaint little pastry, bread, coffee shop in Downtown Franklin called Merridee’s. So, after I dropped off the boys, I made my way quickly, down there. I say “quickly”, because the seats fill up quickly. But, I always manage to find the perfect spot for me to sit, sip my coffee, enjoy the bites of a homemade cinnamon roll or a blueberry danish and catch up on emails, happenings of the world, and what nots.

Since the school year is coming to an end, this is my last Tuesday at Merridee’s. Summer is upon us, and with all 4 kids out of school, my me time during the day has come to an end as well. Now, that doesn’t mean that my visits have ended indefinitely. They are open on Friday and Saturday night, which I am sure I can escape from the chaos of my house and have a little me time then. Or even on a Saturday afternoon. But, I will miss the familiar faces, friendly smiles, “hello’s” and casual conversations that I have encountered on my Tuesday visits.

It has been a very enjoyable me time here at Merridee’s.

I’ll be back. See you in August!



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2 responses to “Tuesday’s at Merridee’s

  1. I LOVE that place. I love the atmosphere, I love the raspberry iced tea…

  2. mamasgonecrazy

    Me to! I’ll miss my Tuesday mornings…..

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