The Oak Inside the Acorn {Giveaway}

The Oak Inside the Acorn [Book]

I really enjoy Max Lucado’s books. Especially his children’s books that he writes. He always has great examples and advice for children to live by. In this particular book, The Oak Inside the Acorn, Max explains how a tiny acorn will grow bigger and stronger, the way that God has made him to be.

The acorn at first is afraid to grow bigger. But, his mama; the big oak tree, assures him that he should not be afraid and inside of him is a great oak. Max has written this to also have faith in God. To be strong and trust in Him on how He has made you to be.

It really is a cute, good, understandable story for children. If you want to find out what happens to the little acorn, to follow along his journey on becoming who God has made him to be, then all you need to do is;

Leave me a comment to win a copy of this book!

This giveaway will end at 12:00 p.m. CST on Tuesday April 19.

Disclosure: Tommy Nelson graciously gave me this book for free to review. My thoughts and opinions of this book are completely my own. 



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3 responses to “The Oak Inside the Acorn {Giveaway}

  1. This sounds like such a cute meaningful book, perfect for my godchild!

  2. Lauren Parsons

    This may sound strange, but I actually thought of my 13 year old son when I read the book description. He’s at the age that teeters between childhood and adulthood, or acorns and oaks, and trying to figure out who God wants him to be. Plus, I think his younger brothers would enjoy it, too!

  3. I know I already won a book from you, so I don’t expect to win again. Just wanted you to know that I am reading….and that I like Max’s books, too! 🙂 My two little acorns are turning in to oaks WAY too quickly!

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