Raised By A Yooper

                                                                                                                                               I was born and spent my entire childhood in a little town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The town is Escanaba, which makes its mark right along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. If one is from/living in the U.P, then you are known as a Yooper. There are many fun items with the name Yooper sketched on them, keychains, candy bars (yes), mugs, bumper stickers and my favorite…..tee shirts!

I always wanted a tee shirt with the phrase ‘Raised By A Yooper’ on it. I think its funny and well, its true, having my mom and dad also born and raised in the U.P and by Yoopers as well.

My friend John has started a tee shirt making business. And asked him to make me and another friend whom is from the U.P tee shirts with the phrase, ‘Raised By A Yooper’ and a map of the U.P on it. And, as you can see, he did! They turned out great! I love it and will represent the U.P well! Turns out its also a great conversation starter. It’s a tee shirt that is educational, meaning I give a quick geography lesson on where the U.P is, which really makes me kind of sad. Surprised by how many people do not recognize the map of the U.P, and not knowing that it is part of Michigan. And no, we are not Canadian, you know, eh!

With all that said; take a look at all the cool items that my friend does with his business. You can also follow them on twitter.  And you can “like” them on Facebook to.


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