Kids Sing-Along Songs: A Music Review

T.W. Hale : Sing-A-Long Songs

I’ve always wanted to start Music Monday on my blog, so on this lovely Monday I bring to you my friend T.W Hale! He is an extremely creative, fun, brilliant songwriter here in Nashville.

He has recently written songs for you and your children to sing along to! In these songs, he covers a variety of fun, relatable subjects. Everything to whistling, animals, dancing, yodeling, even moving to a new town and making new friends!

Our personal favorites are;

Barnyard Dance

Clearly Nearly Whistle

Brain Power

Buffalo Bob

I promise you that each of the songs are easy for your kids to learn and you will be up on your feet movin’ and groovin’ along with your kids! And if you are a teacher, this would be a great cd to have in your classroom as well for the kids to enjoy!

Who doesn’t love fun sing-along songs!?

To listen and download the songs you can go to this website . Enjoy!




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