The Boy in Me

Having three older brothers, the main sports that were played and always on our television set, were football, basketball and baseball. I pretty much grew up on the ball field, between all the practices and games my mom brought me to! I truly have a love for each of those sports. But, my love goes a little bit deeper for baseball. {so excited that MLB has started! Love me the Rockies and Tigers!}

So, of course, I was a tomboy.

I started to play baseball when I was 5. T-Ball. I was the only girl on the team. I loved playing. I remember standing at home plate, situating my stance, and so ready to hit that ball over the fence. I was determined! I never did. Even as I got older and playing on Little League teams, still the only girl on the team, I never hit it over the fence.

When I was 9, I switched over to playing on a girls’ softball team. I played for a couple of summers. Really enjoyed playing. I still played softball on and off through company leagues and church leagues.

In the 5th and 6th grade our elementary school formed a girls basketball team. I was super excited to be playing. I admit, I am a bit competitive, therefore, sometimes I was not so nice on the court. But, still had such a fun time playing!

Throughout junior high and high school, I dedicated my time to music, drama and cheerleading. And cheerleading is a sport. You put just as much blood, sweat and tears into it as much as any other sport!

It’s funny to me, now that I have a girl, that I never push her to be involved in sports. But, she has informed that she does want to be a cheerleader. Soon after her, came three little boys (3 jesters). So, maybe most of the sport playing will be all on them. We all enjoy going outside and playing basketball, hit the baseball around, and toss the football back and forth to each other. I absolutely love playing with them outside!

Jester 1 is playing baseball this season. Not to brag, but, he is a natural at the sport. And yes, I am that mom, who will be yelling from the bleachers…to cheer them on of course!

What sports did you play? Were you a tomboy?



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2 responses to “The Boy in Me

  1. thanks for sharing this…
    I didn’t know these facts about you.

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