Oh, look! I failed again

Jester 3: “Mom, don’t look in the freezer. I just put your bra in there.”

Mommy: “Um. Excuse me. Who taught you that!?”

Jester 3: ” The icarly show!”

Yep. There you have it friends. Another learning experience from another good, wholesome show for kids. But, I take complete blame for this. Because I allow my kids to watch icarly. Sure, its funny, hip, and so not appropriate for a 5-year-old to watch. Even I’ve sat down with my kids to watch it many times before. (I think Spencer is hilarious!)

But, for jester 3 to actually repeat what had happened on the show. That concerns me. Especially since he has an older sister whom will be reaching that “time” in her life in a few years to start wearing that certain undergarment. I really don’t want him to do that to her, or her friends if they choose to have a sleepover.

There has only been one other show that jester 3, along with jester 1 and 2 have repeated. And that is Wipeout. They decided to perform the same stunts as the contestants, and that landed jester 3 in the fireplace…..six stitches above the lip.

With all that said, I am really hoping that jester 3 has erased that episode from his brain. Or will it resurface just due to the fact that no matter what…boys will be boys.

Are there any shows that you absolutely do not allow your children to watch?

Have they picked up any bad behaviours because of these shows?



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2 responses to “Oh, look! I failed again

  1. Suz

    You’re not going to like (or appreciate) this, but a nice cold bra can, on occasion, be very soothing. Flash forward a few years…you’ll ‘get it’ eventually. (or backward, if you want to remember breastfeeding years)


  2. mamasgonecrazy

    Ha! Yes. I remember the breastfeeding years!! Good point. Thanks!

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