Because I didn’t finish College

I was starting my second year of college in Denver. I was well on my way to receive my Broadcasting:Television degree. Because after all, I was determined to sit next to Matt Lauer on the Today Show. But, God had other plans for me, as I became pregnant unexpectedly.

After finding out that I was expecting, I chose to stop going to school and become a stay-at-home mom.

So, for the past 10 years, that is exactly what I’ve been doing. Three more children later, including twins.

I really do enjoy having the option of staying home. I love the freedom that I have. I love that I can be there for my kids at any time of the day.

However, I have my days where I think about being among adults,making lunch plans, sitting in an office,ordering office supplies, spinning in a swivel chair, driving in rush hour traffic listening to MY music, talk radio, or having complete silence.

Stay with me…now on with my point to this post.

There are these events, where adults gather, where big time authors, CEO’s of companies and super intelligent people speak, give their insightful meaning of life and how to get through your struggles, worries and fears.

They are called; conventions, conferences. I recently read on Michael Hyatt’s blog, whom is the CEO of Thomas Nelson and a super smart guy, why he attends these conventions. You can read about it here.

Because most of the time, I think to myself; “I have no business attending that kind of conference. I’m just a mom to 4 kids.”

However, there are conferences out there for moms and women of all walks of life. Here are a few of which I have attended and want to attend.

Deeper Still: the speakers get to the core of your heart and is truly life-changing.

Dave Ramsey Live: whips you into shape with your finances, which really I need a big kick in the rear about that.

Blissdom: Where you learn proper etiquette blogging. Very cool, fun teachable workshops.

.Mom: very much looking forward to this one. To be among other moms who are in the same season as me. Share their struggles, learn from each other. I have to say, this conference is perfect timing for me.

Women of Faith: I have not attended one of their conferences,but, really want to. I follow most of the speakers on Twitter and just love their humor, honesty and faith.

Catalyst: This one is where I think I have no business attending. Because it’s about leadership. I became familiar with it last year. But, I’m still intrigued by the topics that they cover,plus, I know/heard of the speakers that attend. I still would love to attend one. I think I can learn from so much from this one.

And those are the conferences that I think, are really life changing, makes you think, gets your heart right.

I have a hunger to learn. To get right with my mind, soul, heart and God. To engage with other people who want the same thing.

I know its not college. But, I learn so much about myself. Learn more about this life that God has blessed us with. And the more I can get myself “together”, I think I become a better, mom, wife, parent, sister, friend.

Plus, I honestly feel so grown up while attending these conferences. You know, being among adults and all.

What conferences have you attended? What do you look for when attending them?



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4 responses to “Because I didn’t finish College

  1. You’re blog is ROCKIN’ Always remember that there are no giants. Everyone was a nobody before they became a somebody and even when they’re a somebody they don’t know what you know.

  2. And so as a result of said conferences I just began going through my business cards from Blissdom. Ashamed and embarrassed that it’s taken me this long. And I found yours and I ran here. And I know I’ll be back. I’ll be follwing you on twiter as well – just in case you don’t recognize the “unknown” male type guy following your tweets.

    God Bless and keep you – congrats on Tommy Nelson.

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