What’s In Your Bible?

There are five keepsakes,papers,letters,nostalgia that I keep in my Bible. I guess I keep them in my Bible, because there they are safe, for me  to remember, to keep them closer to my heart, to keep me connected. Reminders of how life is so precious and how we are only a vapor.

The first letter is in an envelope. Given to me from my dad, a few months before his passing when I was 15. The letter was enclosed in a Bible that he had given to me. So, of course, I cherish this letter to the depths of my heart and soul.

I have an article from the local paper when we lived in MI. It’s a letter to the editor that my mom had written after my brother was involved in a serious drinking and driving accident. I was 8 years old. I can still hear the phone ringing that late night/early morning, watching my mom from my room, reaching for the phone in our hallway.

My brother was the one driving. He was the one drinking. With the multiple injuries he sustained on the inside and outside, it is only by the grace of God that he is still alive today. However, his best friend did not survive. This article my mom wrote was for other parents to be aware of what their kids are up to. To get involved in and be supporters of MADD and SADD. I’m glad my mom wrote this article. I know it wasn’t easy for her, as the accident was hard on my family in our tiny MI town.

I have a poem that I wrote a couple of years after my dad had passed away. I was still grieving, still hurt. I wrote it in my English class. The pain never goes away.

I have a letter that my Uncle Mark had written to my dad 5 years after his passing. Almost 3 years ago, my Uncle was dying of cancer. When I went to MI to visit and to say my good-byes, he gave me a copy of that letter he had written to my dad. Having that letter reminds how special my dad and Uncle Mark were.

Lastly, I keep my dads’ ‘The Rite of Confirmation’. I found it while looking through boxes of my dads’ things. I like it because it shows the order of worship, the hymns that they sung on that day and the verses that were read. I think its pretty cool to know how important that day was for my dad when he was a teenager.

These papers are so special. Treasures. Reminders.

Are there any kind of special letters/ memories that you keep in your Bible? Or that you keep somewhere else?



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4 responses to “What’s In Your Bible?

  1. Kyle

    I have a bunch of phone numbers and apps and dates and stuff like that in my Bible. It’s on my phone. 🙂

    In all seriousness, I love looking in my Bible to see why I keep this or that. The one thing that is in our family Bible is a bookmark of mine and Caron’s engagement announcement that ran in the Tennessean. Such a nice thing that I will always be thankful for!

    • mamasgonecrazy

      I didn’t even think about how most people have their Bibles as apps now! Call me an old soul, but I still like to carry mine around. I think the bookmark is sweet!

  2. thanks for sharing these glimpses into your life…beyond the princess and jesters.

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