Sharpen your pencils kids

Last night we got invaded by another 2-3 inches of snow. In the South, that is considered a Winter Storm Warning.

So, of course, as always, the next day they close the schools. Really am trying not to be so sarcastic about this, along with being annoyed with the amount of snow days we have had because of 2 inches of snow.

In past snow days, we just lay around, being lazy, play in the snow, graze our way through the pantry and refrigerator,but, today, I decided to put the Princess and 3 Jesters to work. I printed out a fair amount of worksheets of their age level to work on. And to my surprise they didn’t moan or complain! They are asking for me to print out MORE worksheets for them!

Maybe I can do this whole homeschooling gig after all.

Wait, who am I kidding…..not gonna happen.



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2 responses to “Sharpen your pencils kids

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  2. Great idea! Not that we get too many snow days here, but today was a day that we stayed in all day because of the blowing and falling snow. A foot of snow, so far. And it’s still falling.

    Thanks, Anna

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