Books on my nightstand

Growing up, I wasn’t so much into reading. My mind wanders and I don’t focus on the content of the book, which was bad of course, because that just left me to fail a lot of tests. And do horrible on book reports.

Now that I am older and a mom, reading has become relaxing, a stress reliever for me.

I can’t just sit down and start reading any book.

I like books that challenge me.

Change me.

Teaches me.

Starting this month, I’m reading two books. One is for my Women’s Bible Study group at church. We will start reading Beth Moore’s book; So, Long Insecurity

The second book that I’ll be reading is through an online community named (in)courage . The book they have chosen is Ann Voskamp’s; One Thousand Gifts.

Both of these books are going to be inspiring, life-changing and open-hearted.

I’ll be happy to share with you my thoughts and how encouraging these books will be to me.

Stay tuned….

So, what books are you reading these days?



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3 responses to “Books on my nightstand

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  2. John Setterlind

    Historical non-fiction and Sports – just like my Dad…

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