In The Land Of Make-Believe


I did it again.

I forgot.

I failed as a parent.

The Tooth Fairy did not show up.

Yesterday, the Princess got her tooth knocked out in gym class. So, last night she put it under her pillow. Usually, when we put the kids to bed, and if a tooth is in need to be put under the pillow, I make sure that my child has it properly placed to where she, the Tooth Fairy can reach it. But, I forgot. Completely slipped my mind.

So, this morning, here’s how the conversation went:

Princess: “Mom, the tooth fairy did not take my tooth last night. I had it under my pillow and it was still there this morning.”

Jester 1: “Yeah, remember she forgot to come a couple of weeks ago when I lost my tooth to!”

Me: “I’m sorry. Maybe she broke a wing or had so many teeth to collect that she ran out of time.”

Princess: “It’s ok. I”ll write her a note and put it back under my pillow tonight.”

Finding excuses for the tooth fairy is hard! Part of me wants to keep that wishful, spirit of childhood memories alive for my kids, but, the other part of me is so tired and a bit annoyed that I have to keep up with all of the make-believe childhood fairies and other ever so gift giving “friends”.

Who came up with the Tooth Fairy anyways? How did this tradition come about? And let’s not forget about the Easter Bunny and the big guy, Santa Clause. I even have friends that have the Halloween Fairy, to where they have their child leave his/her bag of candy outside their door to exchange it for a gift.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all fun and exciting for the kids, I grew up with these traditions to. How my mom controlled the land of make-believe with 7 children amazes me. Surely, I can keep up with my 4, right?

I admit, I think my least favorite role as a parent is playing the Tooth Fairy. Maybe it’s because her job is always unexpected and she never has the right amount of money to exchange it for the tooth!

I’m curious. Intrigue me with these questions.

What is your least favorite make-believe role-playing as a parent? Do you carry out these traditions for your kids? Why or why not? What other “fairies” show up at your house?



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2 responses to “In The Land Of Make-Believe

  1. great post Kristina…this tooth fairy forgot once or twice also…wait, I wasn’t the tooth fairy in our house.

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