Friday Fun

Once in a while I post “activities” via Twitter (@kristinalevy) on what my boys (the 3 jesters) do so well. I call it That’s What Little Boys Are Made Of. I really should write a book on the events that occur with them, because, really its hilarious…most of the time.

 Pictured here are jesters 2 & 3; my twins. They are two peas in a pod, partners in crime. Let me share with you what these little boys are made of.

Breaking into their older sister’s room to steal her things.

Attacking our snowman with their lightsabers, because the snowman is a bad guy.

Coming out of the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper stuck in between their butt cheeks because they want to be bunny rabbits.

That is what my day has been thus this far.

To be continued…..



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