Well, here we are. Another snow day. Day number 3 of the kids being home from school due to the increasing amount of snow and ice in Nashville. Having grown up in Michigan and Colorado, I cannot recall a snow day in all of my school years. Maybe because those states are properly prepared for such treacherous weather.

As a mom of 4, with 2 of my kids attending school full-time and the other 2 attend two days a week, I can sit here and grumble, complain and let my selfish ways get the best of me, because these snow days interfere with my time. But, I’m not. These are my kids. God’s gift to me. I am a full-time, stay at home mom to them. Now, trust me we all have our days of “my kids are driving me crazy!” And that is when I have to see the bigger picture of life.

Having lost many loved ones, more than I care to count, including my best friend when I was 11 years old to a drowning accident and my dad when I was 15. I think about how life is short and sweet, how we are just a vapor here on Earth, how time is precious with each waking moment, how we never know when our loved ones will be taken away from us. That is always in my mind, on my heart. With these past few days I’ve thought about how that sweet, innocent 9-year-old girl, Christina Green, her life ended so abruptly, so terribly.

With that, I am thankful for the snow days. The “extra” time that I’ve got to spend with my kids. Embrace your loved ones, every day, every minute, every second.


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