Out Live Your Life:Book Review

The new book that has come out by Max Lucado is, Out Live Your Life.  That is a pretty bold title. I was intrigued by the challenge in the title as well.

He talks about “regular folks like us” to get out of our comfort zones and start getting more involved on how we can change the world. How to become more sensitive to worldly brokeness. To come together as a team. He states in Chapter 5, “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” I love that statement, because it holds so much truth on to how, if we all work together, a lot more can become accomplished in our communities, nation and world.

In Chapter 7, he states, “Let’s look at the hurting until we hurt with them.” We are to “bear each other’s pain.”, right?

Over all, Out Live Your Life, is definitely a challenge. Going that extra mile, opening your heart, lending your hand to strangers. God can and will use you. Max asks, “How can we prepare ourselves? Simple. Imitate the disciples. Linger long and often in the presence of Christ. Meditate on his grace. Ponder his love. Memorize his words. Gaze into his face. Talk to him. Courage comes as we live with Jesus.” 

This book is such an encouragement. If you read it, I hope that what Max has written will become contagious and you will see his passion and desire for us regular folks to get up and out live our lives.


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