My National TV Debut

So, over the summer, I received an email from my lovely sister-in-law, which she had forwarded an email from a friend of hers that has worked as an Executive Producer for various talk shows. The current one she is with is The Nate Berkus Show. He is an Interior Designer, you may have seen him on Oprah quite a few times.

The email had asked if she knew of any families that have kids that completely destroy the house. And my SIL automatically thought of me. (so sweet)

The producers had asked  me to send pictures of what kind of damage the kids have made to the house and other objects, including themselves. They were in luck, because just the day before, Jesters 2 & 3 had cut their own hair, cut up their pillow and sheets and took a bat to my back tailight of the van. So, I had pictures of that damage already. I took other pictures of marked up walls, broken blinds and a nice slit into our brown leather couch. I sent them to the producers and 20 minutes later, my phone rang and I was talking to one of the associate producers.

She asked questions of all the damaged goods, she even spoke with a couple of the kids. The phone calls continued for about 2-3 weeks, along with emailing and signing various release forms. I had to keep quiet about this, that was hard for me to do, because I was so excited that this was happening! (I did tell a few people though, shhhhh…)

Then the producers had sent me a FlipCam. They wanted me to film my story of when Jester 3 tore up the last letter that my dad wrote to me before he died. I was 15 when he passed away, so, of course, I had cherished the letter  for many, many years. I had kept the letter in my Bible. I had my neighbor tape me telling my story in different ways and in different settings. I also had my good friend, Dana do that as well. Then, I sent the FlipCam back to them. I was really hoping that we would get to fly out to NYC where the show is taking place, or have Nate himself come out to the house and fix a few of the damages for us, but, no such luck. I assume they had found other kids across the country that have done worse damage to their own house than my own kids.

Tomorrow, Thursday September 23 is when the show will be aired. I’m not exactly sure which setting they will show of my story, since I had done about 30 different takes of it! I’m a little nervous, yet, its funny to me that this has happened. So, Nashville friends, you can watch it at 10:00 a.mWZTV FOX  17. For other friends, check out your local listing here.

 This will be a good laugh, and hope you all enjoy the ‘Kicking Out Kidtastrophies’ show!



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4 responses to “My National TV Debut

  1. Lisa Gabhart

    I can’t believe you didn’t win!

  2. I’m so bummed that I missed it. You have to post a link to the video when you get it.

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