Public Service Announcement

A few nights ago, my neighbor, was hit by a car while standing on the median/sidewalk to cross the street. It was late at night, she was walking home from a local restaurant. She decided to walk home because she had had a couple of drinks and didn’t want to drive and put herself at risk or anyone else.

The lady who hit her was TEXTING while DRIVING. Remember why my neighbor decided to walk home?

Because she was DRINKING and didn’t want to DRIVE home.

I think its fair to say that drinking and texting is almost the same. You’re not focused, you swerve, you’re not paying attention. You’re putting yourself and others at risk. Really, any kind of distraction while behind the wheel is dangerous to you and others.

My neighbor is lucky to be alive. She has multiple internal and external injuries. She has a long road of recovery ahead of her.

 I had heard somewhere that, “it only takes a second for an eternal heartache.”  Don’t let that heartache be your loved ones or somebody else’s loved ones.

 So, will you join me and sign the No Phone Zone  pledge?



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6 responses to “Public Service Announcement

  1. I have tried to make it a habit to toss my phone in my glove compartment box when I drive. Partially because I have no reception when driving too work, and while at work, but mainly because I see and hear more related accidents while texting lately instead of drinking.

  2. Great post! I hope your neighbor is OK. My new car has blue tooth and I think it is the best invention ever. It is completely hands free. Being in sales, I am on the road a lot and the blue tooth allows me to stay in touch with my clients safely while in my car. I also have a policy never to text and drive. I will check a message at a stop light, but once that light changes I drop the phone. I can always tell when someone is swerving in my lane that they are either texting or drinking. You are right, they are both equally dangerous. Thanks for spotligting this growing problem.

    • mamasgonecrazy

      She will ok. Just a long recovery. Hands free is great! I hope more people will do that or just not even use their phone at all.

  3. I am not sure where I heard and/or read it, but apparently it’s more dangerous to text and drive than to drink and drive. The number I heard was that texting is similar to driving at 0.1% which is far above the “legal limit.” I believe I also read that you are 23% more likely to get in an accident while texting than while drinking.

    • mamasgonecrazy

      I read that to Jeremy. I also feel so strongly about drinking and driving…personal, close incidents because of it. Thanks for the comment!

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