Sleep Deprived


Lately, I haven’t been able to get a good nights sleep. I average about 4-6 hours a night. This has been going on…well, a long time. You would think the problem would be because my husband snores, walks and talks in his sleep…every.single.night. But, sadly, I think I have finally adjusted to that after being married for 10 years now. Or it could be from my kids waking up every so often because they are scared, fell out of their bed, threw up or inherited their fathers’ sleepwalking. Again, adjusted.

Before I actually get in my bed; and after the kids go to bed, I spend the evening by:

making the kids lunches for school the next day

cleaning up the kitchen, or whatever else needs to be cleaned up

respond to emails, read blogs, etc.

watch a movie

read a book

I have to clarify, that I don’t do all of this in one night. I may just watch a movie, or just read on one of the nights.

Then I get in my bed. And I lay there. Reflecting on the day. Thinking about the rest of the week. What needs to be done, what I want to get done. People I want to see. People I need to see. Basically, my mind wanders and races all over the place. So, then I start praying. I’ll pray for my family, friends, issues that are bothering me. Just talking to God.

Eventually I do fall asleep. Of course, it’s usually a good 2 hours after I climbed into bed. Then, my inner body alarm clock wakes me up in the wee hours of the morning, and I get to start my day all over again.

What helps you go to sleep? If your mind is racing, what steps do you take to make it stop?



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2 responses to “Sleep Deprived

  1. Mike Butcher

    I often have the same problem. Getting to sleep is usually easy, but staying asleep is where I have the problem. I’ve learned to sleep in shifts…usually about 2 hours per shift. I’ve found Tylenol PM or Motrin PM helps, especially if you have aches and pains. It’s not habit forming and you don’t feel groggy the next morning. Of course I don’t recommend taking it at 2:30 am (done that)…makes it really hard to wake up. 🙂

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