Can I take your order?

When going out in public with the kids, especially the 3 boys (jesters), I make it as quick and easy as possible. Also, drive-thrus’ are my best friend.

This morning, we made a quick trip to Target. Then made our way to the Starbucks drive-thru. I placed my order of an iced caramel machiatto. Drove up to the window to pay and receive my coffee, and this is what was shouted from the backseat to the lovely drive-thru attendent:

Jester 1: “May I please have some water?”

Jester 2: “Do you know Jesus? Do you know Jesus is God?”

Jester 3: “Do you want to smell my fingers? I have nice,clean poop on them!”

Attendant laughing at this point.

Mommy: “I’m sorry. Just ignore them. I do.”

I think I will be Mother of the Year because I’m raising my boys to be polite, missionaries and well…honest?



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4 responses to “Can I take your order?

  1. Thanks funny! Glad you are writing some of these down you will want to use them later…I promise.

  2. Mike Butcher

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you should get a collection of these stories and write a book! Reading funny things your kids (especially the boys) do always makes we laugh. Thanks for posting this.

  3. At least, the poop was clean. Nice post~

  4. Too funny! Thanks for sharing – getting a great laugh out of that one. It’s the really funny stuff that NO ONE could just “make up”!!!!

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