Another day, another hurdle

I’ve been up for 3 1/2  hours now. And this is my day so far…

Keeping the jesters 2 &3 home from preschool because they have a cough.

Jester 3 woke up with toothpaste all over his face, pajamas and sheets. (He has some kind of love for toothpaste. Must hide toothpaste.) Therefore, I have to wash his sheets today, which normally my sheet washing day is on Saturday. Not to mention the fact that my hamper is already overflowing from my neglect of doing laundry yesterday.

Jester 2 asked for a ham sandwich for breakfast….so, I made him one…and guess what? HE DIDN”T EAT IT!

Jester 1 also had toothpaste all over him, because he had shared jester’s 3 bed last night.

The princess got new glasses yesterday. She has had them for 14 hours, and this morning there is a nice, big crack in the right lens. She says, “I don’t know how it happened! I did not drop them!” Right…. Since I didn’t notice her cracked lens until we got to the bus stop, and since she didn’t tell me, I sent her to school with her new cracked glasses. We will have to deal with it after her play practice that lasts until 5:30, and has been everyday after school for the past month, and will continue until the end of this month.

Trust me, I have had worst mornings, that involved issues of spills, vomiting, falling down stairs and teeth have been knocked out or a broken bone. And I am pretty sure every single morning somebody is crying or whining about something.

I will conquer this day.

To be continued…..



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2 responses to “Another day, another hurdle

  1. I just found your blog, and I’m so excited! Javen has an un-natural love of toothpaste as well. We keep it in the cabinet on the wall so it’s too high for him to reach. He hasn’t yet discovered that if he stands on the toilet he can reach it. Our days are numbered, I’m sure…

  2. mamasgonecrazy

    He is a boy…of course he will find a way to the toothpaste!

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