This is the year

You have no idea how many times I have sat in front of the computer and stared at the ‘add new post’ blank screen. Or how many times I have started to type, but, then an immediate delete.

I always say to myself; If I want to do it, I will make the time to do it.

MAKE the time, not find, but make. Honestly, with four kids ages 4-9 years of age, I will never find that time. But, I can make it, ok, you get the point!

So, this is the year. The year of change. The year of goals…and following through…that is a personal challenge for me. Fear sets in, gets in the way of my motivation. But, not this year, 2010. My arms are wide open for 2010. Ready for His plans, His will.

A new attitude. A new determination. A new sense of encouragement.

1,2,3, break!



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3 responses to “This is the year

  1. If you’ll write it you’ll have at least one reader in me. You go girl!

  2. Save as draft is where I go instead of delete….you never know what you might dig up 5 months later you forgot you started! 🙂

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